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Short Term Programs

There are a number of short term programs that UTAS students have the opportunity to participate in. Short term programs can range from 1 week to 6 or more but tend to be less than a full semester. They are offered predominantly in our summer and winter semester breaks, and are run by a range of different Faculties and external providers.

If you had asked me in year 12 what I was going to do at uni, I wouldn't have replied 'going on a trip to Malaysia to look at fish', but that's exactly the opportunity I was given by the New Colombo Plan and the staff at IMAS. The group I went with would have happily stayed much longer but we managed to pack a lot in: mangroves, a Marbled Gobi onshore fish farm, a Discus onshore farm and breeding program, sea cucumbers, Sea Bass, Groupers, research facilities, as well as some touristy places including a tropical fruit farm, butterfly farm, and space farm. We saw some very foreign looking fish in surprisingly similar farming set-ups to ours. Some of the boys impressed the locals with their fishing skills. We got a real taste of Malaysia resulting in a lot of very full glorious seafood tummies. I loved being able to immerse myself in another culture, with a bit of security in being able to share it with my peers. The trip has been a highlight of my degree and my life :)

Grace Bell
J3T BAppSci(ME) - Aquaculture major, ChemSci Minor

New Colombo Plan (NCP) College- Led Mobility Programs

The NCP is a signature initiative of the Australian Government which aims to assist Australian undergraduates to study and undertake internships in the Indo-Pacific region.

Each year the University of Tasmania applies for grants under the NCP mobility scheme in order to develop College-led programs throughout the Indo-Pacific.

Students participating in these programs are assessed for a NCP Mobility grant generally valued between $2,000 to $3,000 and credit for the program is recognised as part of their UTAS degree.

For a full list of programs running in 2021 as well as funding available please visit The New Colombo Plan.

External Provider's Programs

The University of Tasmania partners with a number of external providers to deliver additional opportunities to expand your potential overseas experience. These programs are for credit towards your University of Tasmania degree, however, as they are not run by the university any fees will be incurred by you directly. There are however a range of financial options available to assist you with the associated costs of studying a short term program overseas.

The Australian Consortium for 'In-Country' Indonesian Studies (ACICIS) is the longest running provider of in-country Indonesian study programs for Australian university students and the primary mechanism through which Australian students pursue study in Indonesia for academic credit.

From small beginnings as a facilitator of accredited in-country Indonesian language study, ACICIS' program offerings have grown to include semester-long and six-week professional practicum programs in a range of disciplines, including journalism, development, business, law, and international relations. ACICIS is a consortium of twenty six Australian universities (including all of the Group of Eight) as well as overseas centres-of-excellence in the field of Indonesian and Southeast Asian Studies, such as SOAS at the University of London and Leiden University.

During my seven week ACICIS Business Practicum, I was welcomed and looked after by the Atma Jaya university students and faculty. We spent two weeks on campus learning Bahasa Indonesia, cultural appreciation, attending business seminar sessions and visiting corporations based in Jakarta. Following that I had a four week placement at the Australian Embassy in the Advocacy and Outreach Department, were I had the most amazing experience working with local and Australian based staff, and being part of some fabulous events and initiatives. I would highly recommend you apply for the ACICIS program, as it changed the way I think about life, business and cross cultural awareness.

Angela Bain
Business Professional Practicum, Jakarta, Indonesia 2017

Please note: ACICIS programs are currently on hold, please contact for further details

The Australian Consortium for 'In-Country (ACICIS) - Study in Indonesia in 2020/2021

Study opportunities available through New Colombo Plan mobility grants, ranging from $3000.00 - $7000.00, are available to undergraduate students wishing to study in Indonesia via the Australian Consortium for 'In-Country' Indonesian Studies program.


New Colombo Plan mobility grant applicants must be undergraduate (Bachelor Pass or Honours degree) students, Australian Citizens and between 18 and 28 years of age on their study abroad program start date. However, 30 percent of the total grant recipients for any given program (Australia-wide) may be over the age of 28. Therefore, students who do not meet this age criteria are still strongly encouraged to apply. Grant recipients must be undertaking the ACICIS program for academic credit towards their University of Tasmania degree.

SHORT FORMAT PROGRAMSAvailable$Per GrantTotalDurationApplication Deadline

Law Professional Practicum




6 weeks (2 January-15 February 2020)

1 September 2019

Journalism Professional Practicum




6 weeks (2 January-15 February 2020)

1 September 2019

Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum




6 weeks (2 January-15 February 2020)

1 September 2019

Development Studies Professional Practicum




6 weeks (2 January-15 February 2020)

1 September 2019

SEMESTER PROGRAMAvailable$Per GrantTotalDurationApplication Deadline

Flexible Language Immersion Program




1 Semester (August -December 2020)

1st March 2020

International Relations Program




1 Semester (January- June 2020)

1 September 2019

Complete the Application for a Short Term Program

Download, save and complete the following forms:

Short Program Application Form (PDF 268.3 KB)

For further information regarding how to apply for the above programs and scholarships please contact

CISaustralia offers unique short term study, volunteer and internship abroad opportunities in more than 30 countries around the world. You can choose from hundreds of courses in every academic discipline at world renowned universities. CISaustralia summer and winter short term study programs have been specifically designed for Australian university students to gain credit towards their degree and be eligible to receive up to $7,880 government funding as part of the OS Help Loan. On all programs, students will be offered a range of excursions and services such as airport pickup, onsite staff to support them while immersing in a new culture. Contact CIS today to learn more.

Applications for the CISaustralia Summer programs are now open.

Full details on the following amazing programs can be found at

  • NEW PROGRAM - Tokyo, Japan

Spend 2 or 4 weeks in Japan as part of your summer or winter semester break. Choose to learn or improve your Japanese language skills, or take a course in Global Citizenship and Cross Cultural Studies. Experience the famous temples and sites of Tokyo, while immersing yourself at a local university with Japanese students.

Courses available: Japanese language course and Global Citizenship & Cross Cultural Studies

  • NEW PROGRAM - Vancouver Island, Canada

Discover Vancouver and its surroundings while developing your knowledge of business and the tools needed to succeed in today’s global marketplace at a world’s leading university.

Courses available: Business Communications and International Business, Entrepreneurship and Service Management

  • Aix-en-Provence, France

Aix-en-Provence is the quintessential local French town. Enjoy amazing cuisine and have a petit café among the tree-lined streets and fountains of charming Aix-en-Provence while studying there during your summer or winter semester break.

Courses available: More than 30 courses available in the areas of Art, Art History, Business, Creative Writing, French Civilization, French Language, History, Literature, Political Science, Psychology & Sociology

  • Barcelona, Spain

    Spend a few amazing weeks of your winter immersed in the culture, language and traditions of Barcelona in Spain! Renowned for its impressive architecture, beautiful beaches and vibrant culture, Barcelona is a world-class destination. Choose one subject (instructed in English) to help you get ahead academically, while enjoying life in this vibrant European city.
  • Boston, USA

    Study at the prestigious University of Boston and choose from more than 700 courses across all disciplines. Boston offers a superb setting, combining heaps of culture and history while also providing countless social and adventure opportunities.

Courses available: More than a 700 courses to choose across all disciplines

  • Chiang Mai, Thailand

This program is like no other: spend a month of your winter in the beautiful and historic city of Chiang Mai. Discover the traditional Thai culture while studying Thai language and electives including Buddhism, international finance and gender studies.

Courses available: Thai language, International Finance, Gender Studies, Buddhist Philosophy, International Business

  • Chicago, USA

Spend six weeks at an internationally ranked university while getting the chance to experience one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world. Situated on massive Lake Michigan, Chicago offers some of the world's best art, theatre, music, and parks.

Courses available: More than a 50 courses to choose across all disciplines

  • Cusco, Peru

Study local topics taught in English in the beautiful and historic city of Cusco in Peru! Enjoy a highlands setting in the former capital of the Inca Empire, where indigenous peoples still wear traditional, colourful clothing and festivals take place on a regular basis.

Courses available: Business in Peru and Latin America; Biodiversity of Peru; Inca Architecture; Photography; Art & Design in Cusco; Contemporary Society and Culture of Peru; History of the Inca Civilization; Andean Nutrition.

  • Florence, Italy

Spend your winter experiencing life in Florence, the capital of the charming Tuscan region, while taking a class from a great range of courses. With so much to see like the countless museums, galleries, shops and plazas we know you’re going to love your Italian experience!

Courses available: More than 30 options in the areas of anthropology, art, art history, business, communications & advertising, design, fashion, food and wine studies, geography, history, hospitality, Italian language, marketing, photography, psychology, religious studies, sociology, sports & health sciences, sustainable development and writing.

  • London, England

Study for 3 or 6 weeks at the prestigious University of Westminster located in the heart of London. Take courses in subjects such as business, media and design, and arts while learning about British culture both in and out of the classroom. From Trafalgar Square to Notting Hill, Big Ben to Buckingham Palace, this city has much to offer and will be yours to explore.

Courses available: More than 40 courses in the areas of Business, Health and Fitness, History, Law, Liberal Arts, Literature, Media, Art and Design, Theatre, Tourism and Writing

  • Los Angeles, California at UCLA

Spend six weeks studying at one of the best universities in the world, UCLA, while gaining credit towards your Australian degree. In your spare time, discover the numerous benefits of living in Los Angeles and discover the West Coast of California.

Courses available: More than a 600 courses to choose across all disciplines

  • Noumea, New Caledonia

Spend a couple of weeks in Noumea and discover this French overseas territory and archipelago, providing the perfect setting for French language study! Whether you’ve never spoken a word of French, or you’re well-studied, you’ll enjoy a personalised instruction to improve your abilities!

Course available: intensive French

  • San Jose, Costa Rica

This program offers courses in English and Spanish with local professors on an urban campus minutes from the heart of San Jose. Spend 5 weeks exploring the city, as well as picturesque mountain villages, beautiful nearby national parks and relaxed beach towns.

Courses available: More than 50 courses in Art & humanities, Business and Economics, Environmental Studies, Health and Human Development, History, Politics and international Relation, Theological studies

  • Stirling, Scotland

On this uniquely Scottish program you will enjoy living in a traditional town, studying at an authentic Scottish university with a castle on campus, and exploring nearby sites such as Loch Ness, Edinburgh and St Andrews. Choose from a range of unique, locally focused courses such as Psychology of Evil, Witchcraft and Scottish History during either June or July, or both.

Courses available: More than 20 courses available across various disciplines such as law, psychology, international relations, film & TV and international politics.

Places in these programs are limited so apply NOW.

Always dreamed to live in London. Watch what your experience could be like on our July in London, UK program.

For further information:

07 5571 7887