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Graduation Videos

Livestream and video recording

The University of Tasmania records and live streams all graduation ceremonies for students, family and friends that can't attend. Please join our Livestream channel and follow us on Facebook for broadcast times. All past events can be viewed in the archive below.

Winter 2019   
Sydney April 12 3.00pm7.00pm
Hobart August 1611.00am2.30pm6.00pm
Hobart August 1710.30am2.00pm5.30pm
Launceston August 2410.30am2.00pm 
Summer 2019   
Burnie December 10 3.00pm 
Launceston December 13 1.00pm4.00pm
Launceston December 1411.00am2.30pm6.00pm
Hobart December 1711.00am2.30pm6.00pm
Hobart December 1810.30am2.00pm5.30pm
Hobart December 1910.30am2.00pm5.30pm
Winter 2018   
Sydney April 17   6.00pm
Hobart  August 10 1.00pm4.00pm7.00pm
Hobart  August 11 11.00am2.30pm5.30pm
Launceston  August  18 11.00am2.30pm 
Summer 2018   
Hobart December 20 11.00am2.30pm6.00pm
Hobart December 19 11.00am3.00pm6.00pm
Hobart December 18  2.30pm6.00pm
Launceston December 1511.00am2.30pm6.00pm
Launceston December 14 4.30pm7.30pm
Burnie December 11 3.00pm
Winter 2017    
Launceston August 2611.00am2.30pm 
Hobart August 1911.00am2.30pm5.30pm
Hobart August 18 2.30pm5.30pm
Sydney April 27   6.00pm
Summer 2017    
Hobart December 2011.00am3.00pm6.30pm
Hobart December 1911.00am2.30pm6.00pm
Hobart December 18 2.30pm6.00pm
Burnie December 12 3.00pm 
Launceston December 911.00am2.30pm6.00pm
Launceston December 8  4.30pm
Summer 2016    
Launceston December 17 11.00am2.30pm6.00pm
Hobart December 15 10.30am  
Hobart December 14 10.30am3.00pm6.30pm
Hobart December 13 10.30am2.00pm5.30pm
Burnie December 6  3.00pm 
Winter 2016    
Launceston August 20 11.00am2.30pm 
Hobart August 12 10.00am1.00pm4.00pm
Sydney April 26   7.00pm
Summer 2015    
Launceston December 19 11.00am2.30pm6.00pm
Hobart December 17 11.00am2.30pm 
Hobart December 16 11.00am3.00pm6.30pm
Hobart December 15 11.00am2.30pm6.00pm
Burnie December 8  3.00pm 
Winter 2015    
Launceston August 22 11.00am  
Hobart August 14 11.00am2.30pm5.30pm
Sydney May 17   5.00pm
Summer 2014   
Hobart December 18 11.00am2.30pm6.00pm
Hobart December 17 11.00am3.00pm6.30pm
Hobart December 16  2.30pm6.00pm
Launceston December 13 11.00am2.30pm6.00pm
Burnie December 9  2.30pm 
Winter 2014   
Launceston August 23 11.00am  
Hobart August 16 11.00am2.30pm5.30pm
Sydney April 15   6.00pm