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Grote Reber Store

In response to many requests for science/astronomy themed merchandise/toys/puzzles, the Grote Reber Museum now runs a small store. For the moment, a stall is set up on official Mt Pleasant Observatory Open Days,

Jim Lovell Photography

Dr Jim Lovell is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Tasmania, currently working as Project Manager for the AuScope VLBI Project (which uses the 12m antenna on the Richmond Rd side of the Mt Pleasant Observatory). Apart from his research - focusing on Active Galactic Neuclei, interstellar scintillation, geodetic VLBI, quasars and gravitaional lenses - Jim has a wonderful flair for photography.

Jim has made some of his images available for purchase at the RedBubble store: Jim Lovell: Art, Design & Photography. They can also be made into many gifts including cards and poster prints.