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Tour Content

Normally a visit consists of:

  • a guided tour of the observatory including a close-up look at the "big dish" and a visit to the control room.
  • time with a guide to explore the Museum which celebrates the work of the first radio astronomer: Grote Reber.
  • viewing 2 or 3 - 3D mini movies about space in our virtual reality theatre. Each movie is 10-15 minutes long. More information is available at Swinburne 3D Productions.

We can also include (depending on ages and interests):

  • trying out our whispering dishes.
  • safe viewing of the Sun. Soon we will be adding another specialized solar telescope.

Such a tour takes about 1.5 hours.

We can vary the mix of activities or shorten the tour depending on the groups interest.

It is even possible to spend a fun educational hour watching movies.

Please note that mobile phones must be turned off while on a tour as they interfere with our radio telescopes.


The Museum is fully accessible. A bus can park right in front of the main door. There is plenty of seating within the museum. The path leading to the radio telescope is a smooth 15 metres long. However, access to the control room is limited, consisting of a set of 4 steps with a hand-rail and an 80m walk over slightly uneven ground.

Stereo vision glasses (supplied) are required to view 3D movies, but for those unable to do so, it is possible to view the movies on a computer screen in normal 2D format.


Parking is available next to the Museum with enough room to turn a bus.
As you enter the Observatory gates, follow the road up the hill and turn right (don't enter the control room carpark). There is dedicated parking for the Museum.

Tours are by appointment only.

Tours are available in working hours Monday to Friday 9am-4pm  and are by appointment only.For large groups (>25) we need about working 4 days notice to organize a second guide. We split large groups.

  • Cost: $5.50 per person gst inclusive
  • With a minimum charge of $55.00 gst inclusive for less than 10 people per tour

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Phone: +61 (03) 6226 1959