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Unit Code
Unit Title
ESG700 Contemporary Educational Issues
ESG703 Advanced Research Methods in Education
(Not Offered 2014)
ESG704 Dissertation Part A
ESG705 Dissertation Part B
ESG706 Dissertation
ESG714 Current Issues in Second Language Learning
ESG715 Aspects of Linguistics
ESG716 Language, Culture and Society
ESG717 Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language
ESG718 Curriculum and syllabus in TESOL
ESG719 Curriculum issues in TESOL
ESG720 Special Project in TESOL
(Not Offered 2014)
ESG721 Language and Communication
ESG722 Language Learning for Specific Purposes
ESG723 Curriculum Development in School Mathematics
(Not Offered 2014)
ESG724 Developing Computation
(Not Offered 2014)
ESG725 Issues in Mathematics Education
(Not Offered 2014)
ESG731 Teaching and Learning with a Global Perspective
ESG732 Global Citizenship and Education
ESG747 Education Project
ESG748 Education Project 1
ESG775 New Media Literacies
ESG776 Effective Literacy Pedagogy
(Not Offered 2014)
ESG777 Reading and Writing Difficulties: Identification and Intervention
(Not Offered 2014)
ESG778 A Whole School Approach to Literacy
(Not Offered 2014)
ESG786 Successful School Leadership
ESG789 Designing Learning for Professionals
ESG795 Science Education: Principles, Practice and Possibilities
(Not Offered 2014)
ESG799 Teaching Digital Technologies
ESH704 Conducting Professional Inquiry
(Not Offered 2014)
ESH705 Evaluating Professional Learning
(Not Offered 2014)
ESH706 Health and Wellbeing
(Not Offered 2014)
ESH707 Implementing Professional/School Improvement
(Not Offered 2014)
ESH708 Leadership for Learning
ESH709 e-Learning Pedagogies
ESH710 Outdoor and Environmental Education
(Not Offered 2014)
ESH711 School-Based Leadership Project
ESH712 Professional Practice in HPE
ESH713 Quality and Evaluation in Professional Settings
(Not Offered 2014)
ESH714 Understanding Educational Inquiry
ESH715 Teaching Secondary Mathematics: Proportional Reasoning
ESH723 TESOL in Practice
(Not Offered 2014)
ESM705 Evidence-Based Teaching of Literacy
(Not Offered 2014)
ESM706 Leading and Managing People
ESM707 Leadership for Change
ESM708 Foundations of Educational Research
ESM709 Understanding Leadership
(Not Offered 2014)
ESM710 Leading Organisational Improvement
ESM715 Exploring Children's Literature K-12
ESM732 Education in the Asia-Pacific Region
ESM733 Global Education Pedagogies
ESM734 Issues in Global Education
ESM750 Building School Culture
(Not Offered 2014)
ESM751 Building Performance
ESM752 Building Learning Culture
(Not Offered 2014)
ESM753 Building Systems and Operations
ESM754 Building Leadership
ESM755 Building Strategy
ESM760 Leadership Starts From Within
ESM761 Leading Teaching and Learning
ESM762 Shadowing for Aspiring Principals
ESM763 Building a Feedback Culture
ESM770 Applied management Development Program
ESM780 Curriculum Pedagogy and Assessment in Early Childhood
ESM781 Literacy, Mathematics and Science in Early Childhood
(Not Offered 2014)
ESM782 Leadership and Advocacy in Early Childhood
(Not Offered 2014)
ESM783 Negotiated Study in Early Childhood
(Not Offered 2014)
ESM790 Embedding Ethical Behaviour, ICT and Sustainability in the Globally Connected Classroom
ESM791 Literacy and the Australian Curriculum
ESM792 Emerging Pedagogies for the 21st Century
ESM793 Interculturalism and the "Asian Century"

2014 ESM715 Exploring Children's Literature K-12

Unit Level:

Available as a Student Elective: Yes

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Unit Sem 1 Sem 2 Full Yr Spring Summer Winter
ESM715 Distance(H,L,W,I,N,O)

Key Semester Dates
Semester Campus Attendance Note Start Date Census Date Final WW Date* End Date
Sem 1 H Distance 24-FEB-2014 23-MAR-2014 14-APR-2014 30-MAY-2014
Sem 1 I Distance 24-FEB-2014 23-MAR-2014 14-APR-2014 30-MAY-2014
Sem 1 L Distance 24-FEB-2014 23-MAR-2014 14-APR-2014 30-MAY-2014
Sem 1 N Distance 24-FEB-2014 23-MAR-2014 14-APR-2014 30-MAY-2014
Sem 1 O Distance 24-FEB-2014 23-MAR-2014 14-APR-2014 30-MAY-2014
Sem 1 W Distance 24-FEB-2014 23-MAR-2014 14-APR-2014 30-MAY-2014

* The Final WW Date is the final date from which you can withdraw from the unit without academic penalty, however you will still incur a financial liability (see Withdrawal dates explained for more information).

Unit census dates currently displaying for 2014 are indicative and subject to change. Finalised census dates for 2014 will be available from the 1st October 2013.

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This unit will explore ways of developing an interpretive literary community through close and wide study of literature with students. Participants will examine ways of using, studying, interpreting and creating texts in K-12 classrooms, where texts include novels, poetry, picture books, film, plays, multimodal and digital texts. The unit will draw on socio-cultural and critical theories of literacy with reference to theorists such as Derrida (notions of inclusions and exclusions, presence and silence in text), Foucault (ways in which texts construct people's identities, realities and social relations), Bahktin (notions of intertextuality and heteroglossia) and Halliday (the lexical, grammatical and ideological constructedness of texts). Critical review of the research in children's literature studies will be a significant component of the course. Students will examine and discuss theories of gender, multiculturalism, post-colonialism, multimodality, cross media storytelling and new forms of narrative as they apply to a wide range of children's literature. Students will have opportunities to select texts that are relevant for their own teaching contexts.

WEIGHT: 12.5%

ASSESSMENT: Interpretive Essay (60%); Presentation and written justification(40%)


Note: Class attendance may still be required

   Fully online - H,L,W,I,N,O
This unit is taught entirely online
   Flexible scheduling - H,L,W,I,N,O
Some classes will be held outside normal teaching hours; e.g. weekend blocks, summer schools etc
About Flexible Study Options

This unit includes specific international contexts/case studies.
This unit includes international cross-cultural issues/skills.

Launceston Co-op Bookshop Website - Semester (Sem 1)
Hobart Co-op Bookshop Website - Semester (Sem 1)

STAFF: Dr Angela Thomas

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