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Information relevant to 2001 – Course and Unit Handbook

This information was placed here on 10th April, 2001

Index of All Units

Notes: [215K document] This information is continually being added to and up-dated and corrected as necessary. Readers are advised, however, that the University reserves the right to discontinue or vary courses and units at any time without notice.

Structural Mechanics 3 [ACC413]
Stress Analysis [ACC414]
Hydraulics [ACC431]
Geomechanics 2 [ACC434]
Traffic and Highway Engineering [ACC445]
Environmental Engineering [ACC446]
Civil Engineering Project [ACC447]
Engineering Design 3 (Civil) [ACC454]
Civil Engineering Honours Thesis [ACC490]
Stress Analysis [ACC814]
Civil Engineering Thesis Project [ACC825]
Advanced Hydraulics [ACC831]
Advanced Geomechanics [ACC834]
Engineering Dynamics [ACM301]
Robotics, Dynamics and Control [ACM401]
Municipal Engineering for Surveyors [ACM405]
Aerodynamic Design [ACM420]
Gas Dynamics and Turbomachines [ACM423]
Engineering Design 3 (Mechanical) [ACM456]
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning [ACM460]
Engineering Management and Law [ACM462]
Heat and Mass Transfer [ACM470]
Advanced Manufacturing [ACM475]
Engineering Economics, Management and Law [ACM485]
Mechanical Engineering Honours Thesis [ACM495]
Advanced Management [ACM802]
Robot Kinematics, Dynamics and Control [ACM803]
Mechanical Noise and Vibration Control [ACM805]
Advanced Structural Mechanics [ACM813]
Advanced Fluid Mechanics [ACM820]
Energy and Fluid Systems Thesis Project [ACM826]
Mechanical and Production Engineering Thesis Project [ACM827]
Energy Management and Systems [ACM860]
Heat Transfer and Process Drying [ACM865]
Advanced Manufacturing [ACM875]
Modern Manufacturing and Quality Control [ACM876]
CNC Machining – Theory and Practice [ACM877]
Occupational Health and Safety [ACM878]
Electronic Systems [AEA407]
Control Engineering [AEA408]
Engineering Systems [AEA409]
Computer and Data Networks [AEA412]
Knowledge Engineering [AEA413]
Image Processing and Computer Vision [AEA414]
Computer Systems 2 [AEA416]
ASIC Design [AEA419]
Signal Processing [AEA431]
Digital Communications [AEA432]
Power Systems 2 [AEA441]
Power Electronic Drive Systems [AEA445]
Industrial Power Engineering Applications [AEA446]
Engineering Design 3 (Electrical Power) [AEA452]
Engineering Design 3 (Electronics and Computer Engineering) [AEA453]
Engineering Design 3 (Computer Systems Engineering) [AEA454]
Business Strategies and Marketing for Engineers [AEA461]
Electrical Power Engineering Honours Thesis [AEA492]
Electronics and Computer Engineering Honours Thesis [AEA493]
Computer Systems Engineering Honours Thesis [AEA494]
Information Systems and Automation Thesis Project [AEA825]
Digital Signal Processing [AEA831]
Robotics and Automatic Control [AEA832]
Image Processing, Computer Vision and Graphics [AEA833]
Intelligent Systems Engineering [AEA835]
Corporate Information & Transmission Networks [AEA836]
Integrated Services Digital Networks [AEA837]
Management of Information Systems [AEA838]
Computer Organisation and Interfacing [AEA841]
Power Engineering and Process Control Thesis Project [AEA855]
Transient Behaviour in Power Systems [AEA860]
Optimisation in Power Systems [AEA861]
Modelling and Control of Processes [AEA862]
Industrial Measurement Systems [AEA863]
Special Studies in Power Engineering and Process Control [AEA865]
Selected Course Unit [AEA866]
Special Studies in Information Systems [AEA870]
Selected Study Unit A [AEA880]
Selected Study Unit B [AEA881]
Selected Study Unit C [AEA882]
Selected Course Unit A [AEA883]
Selected Course Unit B [AEA884]
Technology Design Project [AEB353]
Electronic Systems [AEB407]
Control Engineering [AEB408]
Computer and Data Networks [AEB412]
Knowledge Engineering [AEB413]
Computer Systems 2 [AEB416]
Power Systems 2 [AEB441]
Power Electronic Drive Systems [AEB445]
Industrial Power Engineering Applications [AEB446]
Business Strategies and Marketing for Engineers [AEB461]
Supreme Court Practice & Advocacy [BCA101]
Magistrates' Court Practice & Advocacy [BCA102]
Commercial Practice [BCA103]
Conveying and Property Practice [BCA104]
Trust and Office Accounts [BCA105]
Family Law Practice [BCA106]
"Professional Skills, Responsibilites & Ethics" [BCA107]
Foundations of Enterprise Development  [BEA103]
Economics for Business [BEA110]
Foundations of Economic Policy [BEA130]
Quantitative Methods 1 [BEA140]
Intermediate Microeconomics [BEA200]
Australian Political Economy [BEA210]
The Asia-Pacific Economies: Tigers [BEA211]
The Information Economy [BEA212]
Intermediate Macroeconomics [BEA220]
Thinking Strategically: The Competitive Edge [BEA235]
Quantitative Methods 2 [BEA240]
Research Methods for Finance [BEA241]
Introduction to Econometrics [BEA242]
Microeconomic Theory and Policy [BEA300]
Environmental and Resource Economics [BEA301]
Economics, Management and Organisation [BEA302]
Australia and the Asia-Pacific Economies: Trade Principles and Policy [BEA303]
Financial Economics [BEA304]
Industrial Organisation [BEA305]
Economics of Human Resources [BEA306]
Globalisation and the Information Economy [BEA310]
Macroeconomic Theory and Policy [BEA320]
Banking and Financial Institutions [BEA321]
Prices and Profits [BEA325]
Entrepreneurship and Innovation [BEA326]
Field Operation [BEA336]
Econometrics [BEA342]
Microeconomics [BEA400]
Economics of Natural Resources [BEA401]
Regional Economic Modelling [BEA402]
International Economics [BEA403]
Public Economics [BEA404]
Industrial Economics [BEA405]
Labour Economics [BEA406]
Microeconomic Reform [BEA407]
Economic Thought [BEA410]
Methods of Enquiry [BEA411]
Macroeconomics [BEA420]
Econometrics [BEA442]
Development [BEA450]
Dissertation Economics [BEA460]
Bachelor of Economics (Honours) [BEA498/499]
Accounting and Financial Decision Making [BFA103]
Accounting Context and Method [BFA104]
Commercial Transactions [BFA141]
Financial Management [BFA181/281]
Financial Accounting [BFA201]
Project Financing [BFA203]
Personal Financial Management [BFA205/305]
International Accounting [BFA206]
Social & Environmental Accounting [BFA207/307]
Accounting Information Systems [BFA221]
Corporate Regulation and Accountability [BFA241]
Management Accounting [BFA261]
Investment Analysis [BFA285]
Financial Reporting [BFA290/390]
Advanced Financial Accounting [BFA301]
Accounting Theory [BFA302]
Auditing [BFA303]
Governmental Financial Management & Accounting [BFA306]
Financial Services [BFA347]
Advanced Management Accounting [BFA366]
International Finance [BFA384]
Financial Risk Management [BFA385]
Taxation [BFA391]
Advanced Financial Accounting [BFA401]
Advanced Auditing [BFA408]
Advanced Taxation Accounting [BFA409]
Advanced Accounting Theory [BFA420]
Advanced Finance [BFA424]
Advanced Accounting Information Systems [BFA425]
Government Financial Management [BFA427]
Corporate Governance and Accountability [BFA429]
Advanced Management Accounting [BFA435]
Dissertation [BFA441]
Bachelor of Commerce Honours [BFA498/499]
Advanced Financial Accounting [BFA701]
Advanced Auditing [BFA708]
Advanced Taxation Accounting [BFA709]
Research Methodology [BFA710]
Advanced Accounting Theory [BFA711]
Advanced Finance [BFA724]
Advanced Accounting Information Systems [BFA725]
Government Financial Management [BFA727]
Corporate Governance and Accountability [BFA729]
Advanced Management Accounting [BFA735]
Dissertation [BFA741]
Master of Commerce [BFA750/751]
Introduction to Law [BLA101]
Contract Law [BLA200]
Torts [BLA201]
Criminal Law [BLA202]
Principles of Public Law [BLA203]
Property Law [BLA303]
Law of Groups [BLA304]
Honours [BLA400]
Equity and Trusts [BLA401]
Litigation [BLA402]
Jurisprudence 1 [BLA611]
Jurisprudence 2 [BLA612]
Jurisprudence 3 [BLA613]
Jurisprudence 4 [BLA614]
Criminology [BLA615]
Sociology of Law [BLA616]
Comparative Law [BLA617]
Legal History [BLA618]
International Law [BLA631]
Law of the Sea [BLA632]
Antarctic and Southern Ocean Law [BLA633]
Human Rights [BLA634]
Advanced International Law [BLA635]
Law of the European Union [BLA636]
Maritime Law [BLA638]
Planning Law [BLA641]
Advanced Administrative Law [BLA642]
Conciliation and Arbitration Law [BLA643]
Advanced Constitutional Law [BLA644]
Environmental Law [BLA645]
Employment Law [BLA646]
Trade Union Law [BLA647]
Advanced Criminal Law [BLA648]
Welfare Law [BLA649]
Anti-discrimination Law [BLA651]
Media Law [BLA652]
Commercial Law [BLA661]
Tax 1 [BLA662]
International Trade [BLA663]
Intellectual Property [BLA664]
Internal Company Structure [BLA665]
Trade Practices Law [BLA666]
Law and Finance [BLA667]
Personal and Corporate Solvency [BLA668]
Consumer Protection [BLA669]
Information Technology Law [BLA670]
Tax 2 [BLA671]
Regulation of Securities [BLA672]
Financial Institutions Law [BLA673]
Family 1 – the Family and the Child [BLA681]
Family 2 – Financial Aspects of Family Law [BLA682]
Succession [BLA683]
Conflicts (Private International Law) [BLA684]
Information Law [BLA685]
Landlord and Tenant [BLA687]
Sentencing [BLA688]
Compensation Law [BLA689]
Restitution [BLA691]
Elective 1 (Jessup Moot) [BLA692]
Elective 2 (Supervised Research) [BLA693]
Clinical Legal Education [BLA694]
Law and Ethics of Health Care [BLA695]
Professional Conduct [BLA696]
Remedies [BLA697]
Heritage Law [BLA698]
Elective 3 (Supervised Research) [BLA699]
Introduction to Management [BMA101]
Management of Human Resources [BMA121/221]
Principles of Marketing [BMA151/251]
Introduction to International Business [BMA181/281]
Organisational Behaviour [BMA201]
Human Resource Development [BMA224]
Human Resource Management in Tourism and Hospitality [BMA225/325]
Contract of Employment [BMA241]
Buyer Behaviour [BMA252]
Marketing Research [BMA253]
Marketing Communications [BMA255]
Method for Management Studies [BMA260]
Management and the Natural Environment [BMA272/372]
International Marketing [BMA282]
International Business Theories [BMA284/384]
Managing Business in the Asia Pacific [BMA285]
Managerial Social Responsibility [BMA291/391]
Strategic Management [BMA302]
Electronic Marketing [BMA308]
Employee Relations [BMA321]
Strategic Issues in Human Resource Management [BMA330]
Marketing Management [BMA351]
Services Marketing [BMA353]
Special Topics in Management [BMA371]
International Human Resource Management [BMA381]
International Business Strategies [BMA386]
Research Methods in Management [BMA401]
Management Honours Seminar [BMA402]
Special Topics in Management [BMA403]
Dissertation [BMA404]
Human Resource Theory and Practice [BMA421]
Marketing Theory and Research [BMA451]
Organisational Behaviour [BMA581]
Financial Reporting & Analysis [BMA582]
Managing Human Resources [BMA583]
Marketing Management [BMA584]
Statistics for Managers [BMA681]
Law for Managers [BMA682]
Economics for Managers [BMA683]
Electronic Marketing [BMA684]
Managerial Accounting [BMA771]
Finance for Managers [BMA772]
Management Ethics [BMA773]
International Business Management [BMA774]
Managing e-Business [BMA775]
Human Resource Development [BMA776]
International Human Resource Management [BMA777]
International Finance [BMA778]
International Marketing [BMA785]
Special Topics in Management [BMA790]
Research Project [BMA798]
Strategic Management [BMA799]
Business Information Systems [BSA101]
Information Modelling [BSA102]
Information Industries [BSA103]
Principles of Systems [BSA201]
Systems Development [BSA202]
Information Management [BSA203]
Business Logistics [BSA204]
Policy Frameworks for the Information Economy [BSA205]
IS Project Management [BSA301]
IS Project [BSA302]
Management of Information Systems [BSA303]
Decision Support Systems [BSA304]
Current Trends in IS [BSA305]
Electronic Commerce [BSA306]
Electronic Commerce Project [BSA307]
Professional Skills [BSA410]
Strategic Information Systems [BSA411]
Systems Development Methodologies [BSA412]
Information Systems Research Methods [BSA413]
Advanced Electronic Commerce [BSA414]
Dissertation [BSA420]
Bachelor of Information Systems with Honours [BSA498/499]
Project [BSA559]
Management of Information Systems [BSA751]
Information Management [BSA752]
Information Systems Strategy Formulation [BSA753]
Managing Organisational Change [BSA754]
System Development Methodologies [BSA755]
Information Systems Modelling Techniques [BSA756]
Information Systems Research Methods [BSA757]
Decision Support and Executive Information Systems [BSA758]
MIS Project [BSA759]
Electronic Commerce [BSA760]
Advanced Electronic Commerce [BSA761]
Foundation Medical Studies [CAM100]
Community Health and Medicine I [CAM105]
Community Health and Medicine [CAM205]
Introduction to Clinical Studies [CAM300]
Clinical Specialties [CAM310]
Advanced Study/Research/Additional Study [CAM400/420/440]
Advanced Study [CAM400]
Clinical Specialties [CAM410]
Clinical Specialties (a) [CAM410]
Clinical Specialties (b) [CAM410]
Clinical Specialties (c) [CAM410]
Clinical Specialties (d) [CAM410]
Research [CAM420]
Additional Study [CAM440]
Rural Clinical Program [CAM500]
Integrated Examination [CAM600]
Biochemistry 2 (Medicine) [CBA200]
Biochemistry (Pharmacy) [CBA220]
Biochemistry (Agriculture) [CBA235]
Biochemistry and Microbiology 2 [CBA250]
Molecular Biochemistry: Techniques and Theory [CBA327]
Biochemistry 4 (BSc Honours) [CBA410]
Paediatrics and Child Health 5 [CGC500]
Paediatrics and Child Health 6 [CGC600]
Obstetrics and Gynaecology [CGW500]
Human Biology (Science) [CHG100]
Human Biology (Pharmacy) [CHG101]
Integrated Structure and Function [CHG110]
Structure and Function – Clinical Correlations [CHG210]
Gross Anatomy A [CHN115]
Gross Anatomy B [CHN225]
Psychology 4 (Honours) [CHN415]
Human Physiology and Pharmacology [CHP205]
Neuroscience [CHP310]
Neuroscience A [CHP311]
Neuroscience B [CHP312]
Applied Physiology [CHP330]
Physiology 4 (BSc Honours) [CHP415/416]
Microbiology (Pharmacy) [CJA211]
Pathological Basis of Disease 2 [CJA212]
Medical Microbiology and Immunology [CJA308]
Pathological Basis of Disease 3 [CJA312]
Special Pathology 3 [CJA315]
Clinical Microbiology 3 [CJA325]
Clinical Microbiology 4 [CJA400]
Special Pathology 4 [CJA410]
Pathological Sciences (BSc Honours) [CJA417]
Graduate Diploma in Immunology & Microbiology [CJA510]
Cellular Immunology [CJA515]
Microbiology [CJA520]
Research Project [CJA525]
Research Project  [CJA530]
Surgery [CKA320]
Surgery [CKA400]
Surgery [CKA500]
Surgical Specialties [CKA550]
Surgery [CKA600]
Surgical Specialties [CKA650]
Community Health (General Practice) [CLA600]
Medicine [CMM300]
Medicine [CMM400]
Medicine 5 [CMM500]
Medicine 6 [CMM600]
Psychiatry 5 [CMP500]
Psychiatry 6 [CMP600]
Discipline Studies in Nursing [CNA105]
Health Care where People Live and Work [CNA125]
Health Care Where People Live and Work 1 [CNA126]
Scientific Perspectives in Nursing [CNA205]
Supportive Care in Hospital and Community Settings [CNA225]
Child and Adolescent Health [CNA245]
Perspectives on Ageing [CNA246]
Professional Issues in Nursing Practice [CNA307]
Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care [CNA308]
Acute Care Nursing [CNA315]
Community Practice [CNA316]
Legal Issues in Nursing Practice [CNA326]
Nursing Research [CNA365]
Organising Nursing Care [CNA386]
Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) [CNA400]
Nursing Inquiry in Practice [CNA405]
Research Seminars and Project [CNA435]
Advanced Practice in Nursing [CNA705]
Research in Nursing [CNA706]
Neurobiology and Neuropharmacology [CNA710]
Advanced Therapeutic Communication [CNA711]
Health Promotion [CNA713]
Cancer Nursing Studies A [CNA720]
Cancer Nursing Studies B [CNA721]
Cancer Nursing Practice A [CNA722]
Cancer Nursing Practice B [CNA723]
Child and Family Health Nursing A [CNA730]
Child and Family Health Nursing B [CNA731]
Child and Family Health Nursing Practice A [CNA732]
Child and Family Health Nursing Practice B [CNA733]
Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing Studies A [CNA740]
Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing Studies B [CNA741]
Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing Practice A [CNA742]
Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing Practice B [CNA743]
Rural/Remote Nursing Practice A [CNA744]
Rural/Remote Nursing Practice B [CNA745]
Rural/Remote Nursing Studies A [CNA746]
Rural/Remote Nursing Studies B [CNA747]
Perioperative Nursing Practice A [CNA754]
Perioperative Nursing Practice B [CNA755]
Perioperative Nursing Science A [CNA756]
Perioperative Nursing Science B [CNA757]
Gerontic Nursing Studies A [CNA760]
Gerontic Nursing Studies B [CNA761]
Gerontic Nursing Practice A [CNA762]
Gerontic Nursing Practice B [CNA763]
Paediatric Nursing Practice A [CNA764]
Paediatric Nursing Practice B [CNA765]
Paediatric Nursing Studies A [CNA766]
Paediatric Nursing Studies B [CNA767]
Critical Care Nursing Practice A [CNA770]
Critical Care Nursing Practice B [CNA771]
Critical Care Nursing Science A [CNA772]
Critical Care Nursing Science B [CNA773]
Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Practice A [CNA774]
Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Practice B [CNA775]
Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Science A [CNA776]
Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Science B [CNA777]
Acute Care Nursing Practice A [CNA780]
Acute Care Nursing Practice B [CNA781]
Acute Care Nursing Science A [CNA782]
Acute Care Nursing Science B [CNA783]
Emergency Nursing Practice A [CNA784]
Emergency Nursing Practice B [CNA785]
Emergency Nursing Science A [CNA786]
Emergency Nursing Science B [CNA787]
Anaesthetic Nursing Practice A [CNA790]
Anaesthetic Nursing Practice B [CNA791]
Anaesthetic Nursing Science A [CNA792]
Anaesthetic Nursing Science B [CNA793]
Community Nursing Practice A [CNA794]
Community Nursing Practice B [CNA795]
Community Nursing Studies A [CNA796]
Community Nursing Studies B [CNA797]
Discipline Studies in Nursing [CNA805]
Contemporary Health Issues [CNA806]
Research Methods in Nursing [CNA807]
Nursing Practice [CNA808]
Thesis [CNA809/810]
Medical Laboratory Practice [CRA101]
Diagnostic Testing [CRA102]
Histology [CRA121]
Introduction to Human Biology [CRA161]
Cell Biology [CRA171]
Anatomy and Physiology 1 [CRA172]
Human Bioscience 1 & 2 [CRA181]
Human Molecular Biology [CRA200]
Histopathology [CRA222]
Histology for Aquaculture [CRA223]
Haematology 1 [CRA231]
General and Medical Microbiology [CRA241]
Clinical Chemistry 1 [CRA251]
Anatomy and Physiology 2 [CRA273]
Microbiology and Health [CRA276]
Human Bioscience 3 & 4 [CRA282]
Human Bioscience (Advanced Standing) [CRA284]
Human Molecular Biology [CRA300]
Immunology (MLS) [CRA311]
Immunology [CRA321]
Haematology 2 [CRA332]
Transfusion Science [CRA333]
Medical Microbiology A [CRA342]
Medical Microbiology B [CRA343]
Clinical Chemistry 2 [CRA352]
Clinical Chemistry 3 (Endocrinology) [CRA353]
Biomedical Science 1 (Nutrition & Neurobiology) [CRA385]
Biomedical Science 2 (Pharmacology & Pathophysiology) [CRA386]
Medical Laboratory Practice 2 [CRA401]
Professional Practice [CRA410]
Health Infomatics [CRA102]
Pharmacy in Health Care [CSA105]
Pharmaceutical Science and Practice 1 [CSA115]
Pharmacology [CSA201]
Pharmaceutical Science and Practice 2 [CSA215]
Medicinal Chemistry [CSA225]
Clinical Pharmacokinetics 3 [CSA311]
Pharmaceutical Science and Practice 3 [CSA315]
Therapeutics 3 [CSA323]
Chemotherapy and Infection [CSA325]
Toxicology [CSA331]
Clinical Pharmacy Residency 3 [CSA350]
Pharmacy Honours [CSA400/401]
Clinical Pharmacokinetics 4 [CSA411]
Pharmaceutical Science and Practice 4 [CSA415]
Research in Pharmacy [CSA420]
Therapeutics 4 [CSA423]
Honours [CSA440]
Clinical Pharmacy Residency 4 [CSA450]
Curriculum Studies 1 [EPC150]
Curriculum Studies 2A (English, Mathematics, LOTE) [EPC250]
Curriculum Studies 2B – Science & Technology [EPC251]
Curriculum Studies 2C – SOSE, Physical & Health Education [EPC252]
Curriculum Studies 2D – Arts Education [EPC253]
Curriculum Studies 3A (English, Mathematics) [EPC350]
Contemporary Curriculum Developments A [EPC351]
Curriculum Investigations A [EPC352]
Modes of Curriculum Inquiry A [EPC353]
Curriculum Studies 4A (English, Mathematics) [EPC450]
Contemporary Curriculum Development B [EPC451]
Curriculum Investigations B [EPC452]
Modes of Curriculum Inquiry B [EPC453]
Education 1 [EPF150]
Education 2 [EPF250]
Education 3 [EPF350]
Honours Dissertation [EPF400]
Education 4 [EPF450]
Education 5 [EPF451]
School Experience 1 (ECE/Primary) [EPT150]
School Experience 2 (ECE/Primary) [EPT250]
School Experience 3 (ECE/Primary) [EPT350]
School Experience 4 (Early Childhood/Primary) [EPT450]
Professional Studies 1 [ESA102]
Professional Studies 1 (1) [ESA102]
Professional Studies 1 (2) [ESA102]
Professional Studies 1 (3) [ESA102]
The Practice of Teaching & School Experience 1 – Observation [ESA103]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Each Childhood and Primary Education (K–6) [ESA109]
Curriculum and Method Studies: English Literacy A [ESA110]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Information Technology A [ESA111]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Languages Other Than English (LOTE) A [ESA112]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Mathematics A [ESA113]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Science A [ESA114]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Society and Environment (SOSE) A [ESA115]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Performing Arts: Drama [ESA116]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Performing Arts – Music A [ESA117]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Performing Arts – Music – Performance Practice A [ESA118]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Special Secondary A [ESA120]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Art A [ESA121]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Technology Education A [ESA122]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Technology A Single Major [ESA123]
School Experience 2 (Secondary) [ESA132]
School Experience 2 (ECE/Primary) [ESA142]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Middle School [ESA145]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Primary Education [ESA146]
School Experience 2 (Middle School) [ESA147]
School Experience 2 (Primary) [ESA148]
Professional Studies 2 [ESA202]
Professional Studies 2 (4) [ESA202]
Professional Studies 2 (5) [ESA202]
Professional Studies 2 (6) [ESA202]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Early Childhood and Primary Education (K-6) [ESA209]
Curriculum and Method Studies: English Literacy B [ESA210]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Information Technology B [ESA211]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Languages Other Than English (LOTE) B [ESA212]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Mathematics B [ESA213]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Science B [ESA214]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Society and Environment (SOSE) B [ESA215]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Performing Arts: Drama B [ESA216]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Performing Arts – Music B [ESA217]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Music – Performance Practice B [ESA218]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Special Secondary B [ESA220]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Art B [ESA221]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Technology Education B [ESA222]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Technology B Single Major [ESA223]
School Experience 3: Secondary [ESA231]
School Experience 4: (Internship) (Sec) [ESA232]
School Experience 3 & 4: (Internship) (Sec) [ESA235]
Curriculum and Method 2 [ESA240]
School Experience 3: Early Childhood/Primary Education [ESA241]
School Experience 4: (Internship) (ECE/Primary) [ESA242]
School Experience 3 & 4: (Internship) (ECE/Prim) [ESA245]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Middle School [ESA246]
School Experience 3: Middle School Education [ESA247]
School Experience 4: (Internship) (Middle) [ESA248]
School Experience 3 & 4: (Internship) (Middle) [ESA251]
Curriculum and Method Studies: Primary Education [ESA252]
School Experience 3: Primary Education [ESA253]
School Experience 4: (Internship) (Primary) [ESA254]
School Experience 3 & 4: (Internship) (Primary) [ESA258]
Honours Seminar  [ESA280]
Honours Dissertation [ESA281]
Governance and Leadership [ESF900]
Teaching and Assessment [ESF901]
Educational Policy and Professional Practice [ESF902]
Dissertation [ESF903]
Learning and Development: Practices and Theories [ESF904]
Research Methodology [ESF905]
Curriculum and Assessment [ESF910]
The Intellectual Foundations of Education [ESF911]
The Political Economy of Education in International Perspective [ESF912]
Contemporary Educational Issues A [ESG700]
Contemporary Educational Issues (B) [ESG701]
Research Methods A [ESG702]
Research Methods B [ESG703]
Dissertation Part A [ESG704]
Dissertation Part B [ESG705]
Dissertation [ESG706]
Teaching Studies A [ESG707]
Teaching Studies B [ESG708]
Understanding and Promoting Young Children's Social and Emotional Learning in K--2 A [ESG709]
Understanding and Promoting Young Children's Social and Emotional Learning in K-2 B [ESG710]
Statistics Education -- Data Handling [ESG711]
Statistics Education -- Data Reduction and Chance [ESG712]
Statistics Education --Inference and Advanced Topics [ESG713]
Current Issues in Second Language Learning [ESG714]
Aspects of Linguistics  [ESG715]
Language, Culture and Society [ESG716]
Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language [ESG717]
Curriculum and syllabus in TESOL [ESG718 ]
Curriculum issues in TESOL [ESG719 ]
Special Project in TESOL [ESG720 ]
Language and Communication [ESG721]
Language Learning for Specific Purposes [ESG722]
Numeracy and the Mathematics Curriculum A [ESG723]
Numeracy and the Mathematics Curriculum B [ESG724]
Diagnosis and Intervention in Mathematics A [ESG725]
Diagnosis and Intervention in Mathematics B [ESG726]
Issues in Mathematics Education A [ESG727]
Issues in Mathematics Education B [ESG728]
Thinking and Working Mathematically A [ESG729]
Thinking and Working Mathematically B [ESG730]
Comparative Curriculum A  [ESG731]
Comparative Curriculum B  [ESG732]
Professional In-Country Development: LOTE -- Part A  [ESG733]
Professional In-Country Development: LOTE -- Part B  [ESG734]
Language Other Than English A [ESG735]
Language Other Than English B [ESG736]
New Directions in Art Education 1 A [ESG737]
New Directions in Art Education 1 B [ESG738]
New Directions in Art Education 2 A [ESG739]
New Directions in Art Education 2 B [ESG740]
Reason, Truth and Knowledge A [ESG741]
Reason, Truth and Knowledge B [ESG742]
What Is a Person? A [ESG743]
What Is a Person? B [ESG744]
Teaching Asia [ESG745]
Asia in the Curriculum [ESG746]
Education Project [ESG747]
Education Project 1 [ESG748]
Community Education & Learning A [ESG749]
Community Education & Learning B [ESG750]
Community Development A [ESG751]
Community Development B [ESG752]
The Pedagogy of On-Line Learning A [ESG753]
The Pedagogy of On-Line Learning B [ESG754]
Creating an On-Line Teaching Course A [ESG755]
Creating an On-Line Teaching Course B [ESG756]
Difference, disability and diversity A [ESG757]
Difference, disability and diversity B [ESG758]
Inclusive curriculum leadership A [ESG759]
Inclusive curriculum leadership B [ESG760]
Classroom management: theory and practice A [ESG761]
Classroom management: theory and practice B [ESG762]
Challenging behaviours and curriculum practices A [ESG763]
Challenging behaviours and curriculum practices B [ESG764]
Curriculum Issues in Arts Education 1 A [ESG765]
Curriculum Issues in Arts Education 1 B [ESG766]
Curriculum Issues in Arts Education 2 A [ESG767]
Curriculum Issues in Arts Education 2 B [ESG768]
Drama in Education 1 A [ESG769]
Drama in Education 1 B [ESG770]
Drama in Education 2 A [ESG771]
Drama in Education 2 B [ESG772]
Reflections in Music Education A [ESG773]
Reflections in Music Education B [ESG774]
Language and Literacy in Education A [ESG775]
Language and Literacy in Education B [ESG776]
Literature for Children [ESG777]
Language, Gender and Communication in Education [ESG778]
Literature, Gender and Education [ESG779]
Education of Women and Girls [ESG780]
Education and Women's Careers [ESG781]
Special Study 1 [ESG782]
Effective Implementation A [ESG783]
Effective Implementation B [ESG784]
Leadership and Supervision [ESG785]
Educational Administration [ESG786]
Tertiary Teaching A [ESG787]
Tertiary Teaching B [ESG788]
Adult Learning [ESG789]
Adult Learning Issues [ESG790]
Professional In-Country Experience: SOSE  [ESG791]
Bases of Educational Decision [ESI407]
Education Study [ESI408]
Studies in Numeracy [ESI413]
Mathematics and Education [ESI414]
Health and Physical Education [ESI419]
Music and Education [ESI420]
Introductory Educational Studies 1 (Part 1) [ESI421]
Introductory Educational Studies 2 (Part 1) [ESI422]
Introductory Educational Studies 3 (Part 1) [ESI423]
Introductory Educational Studies 4 (Part 1) [ESI424]
Introduction to Special Education [ESI428]
Issues in Studies of Society and Environment [ESI429]
Education Study (Part 1) [ESI433]
Education Study (Part 2) [ESI434]
Effective School Leadership [ESI435]
Outdoor Education [ESI438]
Studies in Teaching [ESI439]
Art and Education [ESI440]
Technology Studies [ESI443]
Technology Studies (1) [ESI443]
Technology Studies (2) [ESI443]
Technology Studies (3) [ESI443]
Early Childhood Education [ESI444]
Introductory Educational Studies 1 (Part 2) [ESI447]
Introductory Educational Studies 2 (Part 2) [ESI448]
Introductory Educational Studies 3 (Part 2) [ESI449]
Introductory Educational Studies 4 (Part 2) [ESI450]
Drama in Education [ESI453]
Studies in Classroom Management [ESI455]
Research Investigation (In-Service) [ESI457]
Special Study (Human Movement 1) [ESI460]
Special Study (Human Movement 2) [ESI461]
Educational Research Methods [ESI464]
Contemporary Issues in Education [ESI465]
Honours Dissertation [ESI466]
Literature for Children [ESI467]
Language and Education [ESI468]
Social Science Special Topic (Civics and Citizenship) [ESI469]
Gender Studies [ESI470]
Introductory Educational Studies 1 [ESI471]
Introductory Educational Studies 2 [ESI472]
Introductory Educational Studies 3 [ESI473]
Introductory Educational Studies 4 [ESI474]
School and Classroom Based Curriculum Development [ESI475]
Introduction to Counselling [ESI477]
Special Study: Visual Literacy [ESI478]
Technology Studies Part 1 [ESI480]
Technology Studies Part 2 [ESI481]
Special Study (Models in Teaching) [ESI490]
Comparative Curriculum Issues [ESI491]
Introduction to Counselling Skills [ESN721]
Approaches in Counselling Research and Assessment [ESN770]
Special Project in Counselling and Development [ESN782]
Family Counselling [ESN783]
Adolescent Counselling [ESN784]
Supervised Practicum in Counselling [ESN793]
Professional Seminar in Counselling [ESN794]
Kinesiology [ESP132]
Human Movement Laboratory 1 [ESP136]
Movement Concepts [ESP140]
Research Concepts [ESP141]
Coaching Theory & Practice [ESP210]
Professional Experience 1 [ESP214]
Psycho-Social Aspects of Physical Activity [ESP220]
Health Fitness & Physical Activity [ESP230]
Motor Learning and Skill Development 1 [ESP233]
Applied Physiology and Nutrition [ESP237]
Biomechanics [ESP301]
Sport Injuries [ESP304]
Adapted Physical Activity [ESP307]
Exercise Assessment and Prescription [ESP308]
Human Movement Pedagogy 1 [ESP310]
Human Movement Pedagogy 2 [ESP311]
Professional Experience 2 [ESP314]
Event and Operations Management [ESP315]
Sport Psychology [ESP320]
Exercise & Sport Governance [ESP325]
Human Movement Laboratory 2 [ESP335]
Human Movement Laboratory 3 [ESP336]
Exercise Physiology [ESP337]
Special Study (Sports Science) [ESP401]
Special Topics in Human Movement 1 [ESP402]
Special Topics in Human Movement 2 [ESP403]
Human Movement Pedagogy 3 [ESP410]
Health and Fitness Issues [ESP411]
Professional Experience 3 [ESP414]
Professional Experience 4 [ESP415]
Human Movement Pedagogy 4 [ESP420]
Motor Learning & Skill Development 2 [ESP433]
Event & Sport Marketing [ESP435]
Advanced Physiology and Nutrition [ESP437]
Issues in Sport & Recreation Management [ESP445]
Research Seminar [ESP460]
Honours Seminar and Dissertation [ESP465]
Research and Investigation in Human Movement [ESP700]
Behavioural Health and Fitness [ESP701]
Exercise Metabolism [ESP702]
Human Movement Graduate Seminar [ESP703]
Instructional Design in Health and Physical Education [ESP704]
Health Enhancement Curriculum [ESP705]
Learning Motor Skills [ESP706]
Advanced Studies in Sport Performance [ESP707]
Nutrition and Performance [ESP708]
Exercise Adherence [ESP709]
Health, Fitness and Lifestyle [ESP710]
Risk Analysis and Management [ESP711]
Environmental Interpretation [ESP712]
Outdoor Pursuits – Land Based and Water Based [ESP713]
Special Topics in Human Movement 1 [ESP714]
Special Topics in Human Movement 2 [ESP715]
Applied Food Science [EST113]
Design & Technology 1 (Primary) [EST117]
Design & Technology 1 (Primary) [EST118]
Design & Technology 4 (Primary) [EST121]
Design & Technology 2 [EST127]
Design & Technology 2 (Primary) [EST128]
Applied Food Science (Primary) [EST130]
Textiles [EST203]
Technology 3 (Primary) [EST210]
Technology 3 [EST213]
Human Nutrition 1 [EST214]
Design and Technology 3 [EST216]
Technology 5 [EST220]
Technology 4 [EST221]
Design and Technology 3 (Primary) [EST226]
Consumer Textiles (Primary) [EST230]
Technology 6 [EST312]
Technology 6 (Primary) [EST410]
Technology 7 [EST411]
Technology 8 [EST412]
Communication [ESV201]
Managing Learning [ESV202]
Foundations of Adult Learning [ESV203]
Teaching and Learning 1 [ESV204]
Communication Strategies [ESV205]
Curriculum Development [ESV206]
Assessment and Evaluation [ESV207]
Issues and Contexts in AVE [ESV208]
Conversion (A&WPT) [ESV209]
Teaching and Learning 2 [ESV301]
Research and Methods in AVE [ESV302]
Workplace Learning and Training 1 [ESV305]
Workplace Learning and Training 2 [ESV306]
Community and Public Education 1 [ESV307]
Community and Public Education 2 [ESV308]
Instructional Design in AVE 1 [ESV309]
Instructional Design in AVE 2 [ESV310]
Language, Literacy and Numeracy in AVE 1 [ESV311]
Language, Literacy and Numeracy in AVE 2 [ESV312]
On-line Learning and Teaching in AVE [ESV313]
Managing AVE [ESV314]
Research Practice in AVE [ESV315]
About Research in AVE [ESV401]
Doing Research in AVE [ESV402]
Dissertation [ESV403]
Dissertation (Part A) [ESV404]
Dissertation (Part B) [ESV405]
Performance 1 [FCA501/701]
Performance 2 [FCA502/702]
Composition 1 [FCA511/711]
Composition 2 [FCA512/712]
Music Technology [FCA521/721]
Music Publishing [FCA522/722]
Multimedia Authoring 1 [FCA523/723]
Multimedia Authoring 2 [FCA524/724]
Ensemble 1 [FCA531/731]
Ensemble 2 [FCA532/732]
Music Research Project [FCA540/740]
Performance 3 [FCA703]
Performance 4 [FCA704]
Composition 3 [FCA713]
Composition 4 [FCA714]
Ensemble 3 [FCA733]
Ensemble 4 [FCA734]
Principal Study Extension 1 [FCB100]
Musicianship Extension 1 [FCB110]
Improvisation 1 [FCB120]
Keyboard Skills 1 [FCB130]
Conducting 1 [FCB150]
Orchestration and Arranging 1 [FCB160]
Music Technology 1 [FCB190]
Principal Study Extension 2 [FCB200]
Music Teaching and Learning [FCB205]
Improvisation 2 [FCB220]
Keyboard Skills 2 [FCB230]
Conducting 2 [FCB250]
Music Technology 2 [FCB290]
Principal Study Extension 3 [FCB300]
Improvisation 3 [FCB320]
Principal Study Composition 1 [FCC100]
Performance for Composers 1 [FCC150]
Principal Study Composition 2 [FCC200]
Performance for Composers 2 [FCC250]
Principal Study Composition 3 [FCC300]
Performance for Composers 3 [FCC350]
Ensemble 1 [FCE100]
Ensemble Study [FCE180]
Ensemble 2 [FCE200]
Ensemble 3 [FCE300]
Principal Study Guitar 1 [FCG100]
Guitar Repertoire 1 [FCG150]
General Musicianship [FCG180]
Principal Study Guitar 2 [FCG200]
Guitar Repertoire 2 [FCG250]
Principal Study Guitar 3 [FCG300]
Guitar Repertoire 3 [FCG350]
Instrumental/Vocal Study 1 [FCI150]
Instrumental/Vocal Study 2 [FCI250]
Instrumental/Vocal Study 3 [FCI350]
Aural and Listening 1 [FCL100]
Language Support Studies [FCL180]
Aural and Listening 2 [FCL200]
Aural and Listening 3 [FCL300]
Principal Study Contemporary Music 1 [FCN100]
Style and Analysis 1 [FCN150]
Principal Study Contemporary Music 2 [FCN200]
Style and Analysis 2 [FCN250]
Principal Study Contemporary Music 3 [FCN300]
Style and Analysis 3 [FCN350]
Principal Study Orchestral Instruments 1 [FCO100]
Orchestra & Repertoire 1 [FCO150]
Principal Study Orchestral Instruments 2 [FCO200]
Orchestra & Repertoire 2 [FCO250]
Principal Study Orchestral Instruments 3 [FCO300]
Orchestra & Repertoire 3 [FCO350]
Performance and Communications 1 [FCP100]
Practical Study [FCP180]
Performance and Communications 2 [FCP200]
Performance and Communications 3 [FCP300]
Music Theory 1 [FCT100]
Music Theory 2 [FCT200]
Music Theory 3 [FCT300]
Principal Study Voice 1 [FCV100]
French for Singers 1  [FCV150]
Principal Study Voice 2 [FCV200]
French for Singers 2 [FCV250]
Principal Study Voice 3 [FCV300]
French for Singers 3 [FCV350]
Principal Study Keyboard 1 [FCY100]
Accompaniment 1 [FCY150]
Principal Study Keyboard 2 [FCY200]
Accompaniment 2 [FCY250]
Principal Study Keyboard 3 [FCY300]
Accompaniment 3  [FCY350]
Bachelor of Music with Honours [FCZ400/401]
Introduction to Cultural Practices 1 [FFA102]
Introduction to Cultural Practices 2 [FFA103]
A Brief History of 20th-Century Art [FFA202/302]
Professional Practice [FFA233/333]
Gallery Studies [FFA234/334]
Wilderness and Natural Environment [FFA235/335]
The Body in Art [FFA240/340]
Landscape and Issues of Postcolonialism in Australian Art [FFA241/341]
The Construction of Genius [FFA250/350]
Romance and Realism [FFA251/351]
The Avant-Garde and the Necessity of the New [FFA252/352]
The Arts in Revolt [FFA254/354]
Research Seminar [FFA300/301]
Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours [FFA400/401]
Professional Practices 1 [FFA750]
Professional Practices 2 [FFA751]
Professional Practices 3 [FFA752]
Research Project [FFA753]
Professional Practices 1 [FFA760]
Professional Practices 2 [FFA761]
Professional Practices 3 [FFA762]
Professional Practice 1 [FFA763]
Introduction to Ceramics [FFC110]
Ceramics 1 [FFC180]
Form Follows Function: The Art of the Potters Wheel [FFC201/301]
The Object in Contemporary Popular Culture [FFC202/302]
The Return of the Figure [FFC203/303]
The Pot as Narrative [FFC204/304]
Ceramics 2 [FFC210]
Ceramics: Precious and Ephemeral [FFC250/350]
Ceramics for the Kitchen Dresser [FFC251/351]
Ceramics 2 [FFC280]
Ceramics 3 [FFC310]
Introduction to Drawing 1 [FFD100]
Introduction to Drawing 2 [FFD101]
Drawing 1A [FFD181]
Drawing 1B [FFD182]
Drawing: Questioning the Practice [FFD200/300]
Drawing: The Body [FFD201/301]
Drawing into Print [FFD202/302]
Drawing: Approaches to Abstraction [FFD203/303]
Drawing in the Landscape [FFD204/304]
Drawing 2A [FFD281]
Drawing 2B [FFD282]
Introduction to Two Dimensional Studies [FFE102]
Introduction to Three Dimensional Studies [FFE103]
Studio Project 1 [FFE302]
Studio Project 2 [FFE303]
Introduction to Painting [FFP110]
Painting 1 [FFP180]
Painting: Self-directed Project [FFP201/301]
Painting Media, Processes and Approaches [FFP202/302]
Painting: Material/Descriptive Exploration [FFP203/303]
What are the Limits of Painting? [FFP204/304]
Painting 2 [FFP210]
Contemporary Painting Practices [FFP250/350]
Painting 2 [FFP280]
Painting 3 [FFP310]
Introduction to Printmedia [FFR110]
Printmedia 1 [FFR180]
The Seduction of Black and White: Advanced Techniques and Concepts for the Photographic Medium [FFR201/301]
Printmedia Project [FFR202/302]
Digital Project [FFR203/303]
Looking Out/Looking In: Approaches to the Landscape [FFR204/304]
Web Page Design [FFR205/305]
Printmedia 2 [FFR210]
Photography as Service [FFR250/350]
Computer Imaging [FFR252/352]
Printmedia 2 [FFR280]
Printmedia 3 [FFR310]
Introduction to Sculpture [FFS110]
Sculpture 1 [FFS180]
Revisiting the Figure [FFS201/301]
Student Initiated Sculpture Project 1 [FFS202/302]
The Art of Adding and Removal [FFS203/303]
Student Initiated Sculpture Project 2 [FFS204/304]
Sculpture 2 [FFS210]
Sculpture: Fine Art Metal Casting [FFS250/350]
Small Scale Sculpture [FFS251/351]
Sculpture 2 [FFS280]
Sculpture 3 [FFS310]
Introduction to Textiles [FFX110]
Textiles 1 [FFX180]
All Dressed Up and Going Places – The Art of Costume 1 [FFX202/302]
Dressing up, Dressing Down: The Art of Costume 2 [FFX203/303]
Textiles 2 [FFX210]
Textiles 2 [FFX280]
Textiles 3 [FFX310]
Bachelor of Performing Arts Honours [FPA400/401]
Principles and Practice of Theatre 1: Australian Drama [FPB101]
Principles and Practice of Theatre 2: The Development of Western Drama  [FPB102]
Theatre Skills 1 [FPB103]
Theatre Skills 2 [FPB104]
Technical Theatre [FPB105]
Performance and Production [FPB106]
Classical Production [FPB201]
Classical Performance [FPB202]
Devised Performance [FPB203]
Theatre Skills 3 [FPB204]
Drama 2 [FPB215]
Performance Study 2 (Theatre) [FPB250]
Advanced Technical Theatre [FPB251/351]
Professional Presentation Skills [FPB252/352]
Stage Design [FPB253/353]
Lighting Design for Installations and Performances [FPB254/354]
Scriptwriting [FPB255/355]
Voice and Media [FPB256/356]
Acting for Television and Film [FPB257/357]
Theatre Project 1: Student Directed Production [FPB302]
Theatre Project 1: Graduate Production [FPB303]
Drama 3 [FPB315]
Performance Study 3 (Theatre) [FPB350]
The Arts & Cultural Context 1 [FPC100]
Vocationally Oriented Study 1 [FPC200]
Vocationally Oriented Study 2 [FPC300]
Vocationally Oriented Study 3 [FPC350]
Theory Composition and Arranging 1 [FPF100]
Performance Study 1 (Music) [FPF150]
Vocationally Oriented Study 1 (Music) [FPF180]
Theory Composition and Arranging 2 [FPF200]
Musicology 4 [FPF212]
Performance Study 2 (Music) [FPF250]
Vocationally Oriented Study 2 (Music) [FPF280]
Performance Study 3 (Music) [FPF350]
Vocationally Oriented Study 3 (Music) [FPF380]
Musicianship [FPH101]
Class Instrument [FPH102]
Class Instrument 2 [FPH122]
Musicology [FPH201]
Conducting [FPH202]
Music in the Schools 8 [FPH411]
Performing Arts Elective 1 [FPS200]
Performing Arts Elective 2 [FPS201]
Performing Arts Elective 3 [FPS300]
Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours [FSA400/401]
Professional Practices 1 [FSA750]
Professional Practices 2 [FSA751]
Professional Practices 3 [FSA752]
Research Project [FSA753]
Professional Practices 1 [FSA760]
Professional Practices 2 [FSA761]
Professional Practices 3 [FSA762]
Research Project [FSA763]
Design Drawing [FSB275]
Introduction to Mould-Making 1 [FSC101]
Ceramics 3 [FSC310]
Ceramics 3 [FSC350]
Introduction to Life Drawing [FSD150]
Media and Methods in Drawing [FSD153]
The Historical Landscape [FSD253/353]
Life Drawing: Personal Project A [FSD255/355]
Life Drawing: Personal Project B [FSD256/356]
Image Development: Personal Project A [FSD257/357]
Image Development: Personal Project B [FSD258/358]
E-Media 1 [FSE110]
E-Media 2 [FSE210]
Digital Imaging A [FSE250/350]
Digital Imaging B [FSE251/351]
Desktop Publishing [FSE252/352]
WWW (World Wide Web) Design [FSE253/353]
Time-based Multi-Media [FSE254/354]
Sound A [FSE256/356]
Sound B [FSE257/357]
The Moving Image [FSE258/358]
Interactive Installation [FSE259/359]
Digital 3D Modelling, Scenography and Animation [FSE260/360]
E-Media 3 [FSE310]
Furniture Design 1 [FSF110]
Furniture Design 2 [FSF210]
Furniture Design 2A [FSF250]
Furniture Design 3 [FSF310]
Furniture Design 3A [FSF350]
Graphic Design 1 [FSG110]
Graphic Design 2 [FSG210]
Graphic Design 2A [FSG250]
Graphic Design 3 [FSG310]
Graphic Design 3A [FSG350]
Photography 1 [FSH110]
Photography 2 [FSH210]
Photography 2A [FSH250]
Photography 3 [FSH310]
Photography 3A [FSH350]
Painting 1 [FSP110]
Painting 2 [FSP210]
Painting 2A [FSP250]
Painting 3 [FSP310]
Painting 3A [FSP350]
Printmaking 1 [FSR110]
Printmaking 2 [FSR210]
Printmaking 2A [FSR250]
Printmaking 3 [FSR310]
Printmaking 3A [FSR350]
Sculpture 1 [FSS110]
Sculpture 2 [FSS210]
Sculpture 2A [FSS250]
Sculpture 3 [FSS310]
Sculpture 3A [FSS350]
Introduction to Art and Design Theory 1A [FST101]
Introduction to Art and Design Theory 1B [FST102]
Art and Design Theory 2/3 [FST200/300]
Australian Art of the 1970s and 1980s [FST201/301]
Cinema [FST202/302]
Postmodernism and Visual Culture [FST203/303]
Performance [FST204/304]
Picturing the Wilderness [FST205/305]
Contemporary Craft and Design [FST206/306]
Fashioning the Body [FST207/307]
Feminist Aesthetics [FST209/309]
'Follow the White Rabbit': Fairy Tale, Fable and Cyber Fiction [FST210/310]
Fantasy Decor [FST212/312]
Contemporary Art of the Asia-Pacific Region [FST213/313]
Woodskills 1A [FSW150]
Woodskills 2A [FSW250]
Art, Natural Environment and History [FSZ250/350]
Art, Natural Environment and Wilderness [FSZ251/351]
Contemporary Indigenous Australia [HAB102]
Indigenous Australia to the 1950s [HAB103]
Special Topic in Aboriginal Studies A [HAB201/301]
Special Topic in Aboriginal Studies B [HAB202/302]
Contemporary Indigenous Tasmania [HAB206/306]
Indigenous Justice Issues [HAB208/308]
Indigenous Tasmanians and the Bass Strait Islands 1830–1950 [HAB209/309]
Indigenous Tourism [HAB210/310]
Indigenous Health [HAB213/313]
Language in Aboriginal Society [HAB214/314]
Aboriginal Women [HAB232/332]
Aboriginal Arts [HAB240/340]
Indigenous Identity and Place [HAB241/341]
Indigenous Life Histories [HAB252/352]
Dynamics of Indigenous Cultures [HAB253/353]
Indigenous Tasmania and Colonial Dispossession [HAB256/356]
Aboriginal Studies 4 (Honours) [HAB400/401]
Gender and Society [HAF101]
The Representation of Gender [HAF102]
Sexualities: Histories, Representation, Politics [HAF202/302]
Contemporary Feminist Thought: Themes, Issues and Conflicts [HAF215/315]
Women's Studies 4 (Honours) [HAF400/401]
Women's Studies: Contexts, Conflicts, Crisis? [HAF405]
Honours Dissertation [HAF406]
Introduction to English: Australian Literature [HEA101]
English 1A [HEA103]
English 1B [HEA104]
Writing Poetry and Short Fiction [HEA203/303]
British Literature 1850–1900 [HEA204/304]
Beautiful Lies: Recent Australian Writing [HEA205/305]
Medieval Writing [HEA213/313]
The Literature of Tasmania [HEA214/314]
Constructing Modernity and the Metropolis [HEA215/315]
Shakespeare: Histories and Tragedies [HEA222/322]
Shakespeare: Comedy and Romance [HEA223/323]
Elizabethan and Jacobean Tragedy [HEA225/325]
Modern Drama [HEA226/326]
Reading the Classics: Ovid and Chaucer [HEA227/327]
African Literature West and South [HEA253/353]
Power, Pleasure and Perversion [HEA254/354]
Confessionalism: Post-Romantic Associations [HEA255/355]
British Literature 1800–1850 [HEA257/357]
American Women Writing (Nineteenth Century) [HEA258/358]
African Literature [HEA259/359]
Critical Theory [HEA260/360]
Confessionalism: Postmodernist Applications [HEA261/361]
National Shakespeare [HEA262/362]
Popular Fiction: Texts and Audiences [HEA267/367]
The Body in the Text: 20th Century Australian Fiction [HEA269/369]
The Legend of King Arthur [HEA277/377]
'Just like in Thelma and Louise': Feminism and Film [HEA278/378]
LA Noir: Film Noir and Hollywood [HEA279/379]
Romantic Poetry [HEA280/380]
The Novel in the Nineteenth Century [HEA282/382]
Modernism in British Literature 1910–1930 [HEA283/383]
Modernism in British Literature: Poetry [HEA284/384]
Sexuality and the Subject in Fiction [HEA286/386]
Postmodern American Poetry [HEA288/388]
Gender and Nation [HEA289/389]
Writing Narrative [HEA290/390]
Research Project [HEA375]
Research Project [HEA376]
English 4 (Honours) [HEA400/401]
Honours Research Essay [HEA402]
Research Methodology and Writing [HEA411]
French 1 [HEF100]
French Language Skills 2 [HEF201]
French for Tourism and Business [HEF203/303]
French Linguistics: An Introduction [HEF210/310]
French Linguistics: Pragmatics [HEF213/313]
French Literature: An Overview [HEF220/320]
Twentieth Century French Theatre [HEF221/321]
French-Canadian Women Writers [HEF222/322]
The French Novel (1900–1950) [HEF223/323]
Le grand écran: A History of French Cinema [HEF230/330]
French Language Skills 3 [HEF301]
French Language Skills 3B [HEF302]
French 4 (Honours) [HEF400/401]
Oral and Written French 4 [HEF402]
Thesis [HEF403]
French Linguistics: Semantics [HEF411]
French Linguistics: Syntax A [HEF412]
Special Topic in French Linguistics [HEF413]
The French Novel (1750–1900) [HEF424]
Special Topic in French Literature [HEF425]
Le Maghreb: Perspectives maghrébines [HEF426]
German 1 [HEG100]
German Language Skills 2 [HEG201]
German for Tourism and Business [HEG203]
The German Film: More than One Hundred Years of German Cinema [HEG204/304]
Post-1945 German Film [HEG212/312]
Post-1945 German Literature [HEG213]
German Language Skills 3 [HEG301]
German Language Skills 3B [HEG302]
Medieval German Language and Literature [HEG305]
Drama and Fiction from Realism to Naturalism [HEG307]
Classical German Literature [HEG310]
The Twentieth-Century German Novel [HEG311]
German 4 (Honours) [HEG400/401]
German Language Skills [HEG402]
Thesis [HEG404]
Special Topic in German Language and Linguistics [HEG407]
Special Topic in German Literature [HEG408]
Journalism 1: An Introduction to Reporting and News [HEJ101]
Journalism 2: An Introduction to Media and Society [HEJ102]
Advanced Print Journalism [HEJ201/301]
Environmental Journalism [HEJ202/302]
Television Journalism [HEJ203/303]
Photojournalism Theory [HEJ204/304]
Public Communications [HEJ205/305]
Professional Placement 1 [HEJ206/306]
Sub-editing [HEJ207/307]
Professional Practices and Culture [HEJ209/309]
Radio Journalism [HEJ213/313]
Professional Placement 2 [HEJ218/318]
Online Journalism [HEJ219/319]
Newspaper and Magazine Design [HEJ220/320]
Sociology A [HGA101]
Sociology B [HGA102]
Society, Culture and Health [HGA135]
Society, Culture and Health 1 [HGA138]
Society, Culture and Health 2 [HGA139]
Sociological Analysis of Modern Society [HGA202]
Social and Political Research [HGA203/303]
Survey Research [HGA204/304]
Crime and Criminal Justice [HGA206/306]
Love, Family and Sexuality: East–West Comparison [HGA212/312]
Magic, Spirituality and Religion [HGA219/319]
Science, Technology and Contemporary Society [HGA220/320]
The Individual and Society [HGA221/321]
Social Problems and Social Policy [HGA223/323]
Popular Culture and the Mass Media [HGA225/325]
Qualitative Research Methods [HGA230/330]
Migrants in Australian Society [HGA231/331]
Mass Social Movements [HGA233/333]
Understanding Organisations [HGA236/336]
Health Sociology [HGA239/339]
Tourism, Sport and Leisure [HGA251/351]
Cultures and Societies of Southeast Asia [HGA254/354]
Sociology of Deviance [HGA259/359]
Sociology of Nature [HGA261/361]
Social Inequality [HGA262/362]
Gender and Power [HGA272/372]
Sociology of Youth [HGA277/377]
Australian Society [HGA299/399]
Change and Order in Contemporary Society [HGA302]
Sociology 4 (Honours) [HGA400/401]
Social Ecology [HGE203/303]
Population and Society [HGE204/304]
Social Ecology Internship [HGE350]
Social Ecology 4 (Honours) [HGE400/401]
Foundations of Tourism A [HGT101]
Foundations of Tourism B [HGT102]
Tourism Theory [HGT200/300]
Eco and Nature-based Tourism [HGT201/301]
Tourism Policy and Planning [HGT202/302]
Interpersonal Theory and Practice 1 [HGW301]
Social Work Practice and Theory [HGW302]
Social Work Practicum 1 [HGW303]
Social Policy [HGW304/404]
Research Processes in Social Work [HGW305/405]
Organisational Context and Administrative Practice [HGW306/406]
Social Work Practice and the Law [HGW307/407]
Interpersonal Theory and Practice 2 [HGW401]
Community Work Practice [HGW402]
Social Work Practicum 2 [HGW403]
Social Work Practicum 2 (Honours) [HGW408]
Social Work Practicum 3 (Honours) [HGW409]
Social Work Honours Dissertation [HGW410]
Asian Studies 1A [HMA101]
Asian Studies 1B [HMA102]
Asian languages and cultures [HMA120]
Australia and Asia [HMA211/311]
Contemporary Asian Issues [HMA221/321]
Issues in Contemporary China [HMA246/346]
Reporting Asia: Western Media Perceptions of Asia [HMA260/360]
Ethnic Politics and Religious Nationalism in Asia [HMA261/361]
Research Project [HMA300/301]
Asian Studies 4 (Honours) [HMA400/401]
Thesis [HMA402]
Colonialism/Postcolonialism in Southeast Asia [HMA413]
Chinese 1 [HMC100]
Chinese 2 Language Skills A [HMC201]
Chinese 2 Language Skills B [HMC202]
Chinese for Tourism [HMC205]
Chinese Speaking and Listening Skills [HMC301]
Chinese Reading and Writing Skills [HMC302]
Computer-Related Chinese Business and Office Writing [HMC305]
Classical Chinese [HMC306]
Modern Chinese Literature [HMC307]
Chinese Special Topic A [HMC309]
Chinese Special Topic B [HMC310]
Chinese 4 (Honours) [HMC400/401]
Japanese 1 [HMJ100]
Japanese 2 Language Skills A [HMJ201]
Japanese 2 Language Skills B [HMJ202]
Japanese for Tourism [HMJ203]
Reading Japanese [HMJ306]
Spoken Japanese [HMJ307]
Writing Japanese [HMJ308]
Professional Spoken Japanese [HMJ330]
Modern Japanese Literature [HMJ331]
Classical Japanese Literature [HMJ333]
Japanese Film [HMJ334]
Professional Translation of Japanese [HMJ335]
Japanese 4 (Honours) [HMJ400/401]
Introductory Indonesian [HMN100]
Intermediate Indonesian (Reading and Writing) [HMN201]
Intermediate Indonesian (Conversation) [HMN202]
Intermediate Indonesian (Conversation) (Padang) [HMN203]
Intermediate Indonesian (Reading and Writing) (Padang) [HMN204]
Wayang Shadow Puppet Theatre [HMN210/310]
Advanced Indonesian Language Skills [HMN302]
Interpreting and Translation [HMN303]
Survey of Indonesian Literature [HMN304]
Topics in Indonesian Literature [HMN305]
Advanced Indonesian Language Skills (Padang) [HMN306]
Indonesian Literature in Context (Padang) [HMN307]
Reading Indonesian [HMN308]
Popular Culture and Resistance in Indonesia [HMN309]
Indonesian 4 (Honours) [HMN400/401]
Philosophy 1A [HPA101]
Philosophy 1B [HPA102]
Introduction to Philosophy 1A [HPA181]
Introduction to Philosophy 1B [HPA182]
Philosophy and Literature [HPA201/301]
The Philosophy of Kierkegaard [HPA202/302]
Philosophical Psychology [HPA203/303]
Place and Environment [HPA204/304]
Postmodernism and its Critics [HPA206/306]
Philosophy of Mind [HPA207/307]
Time Travel [HPA208/308]
The Meaning of Life [HPA209/309]
Moral Philosophy [HPA210/310]
Professional Ethics [HPA212/312]
Topics in the History of Philosophy: The Philosophy of Berkeley [HPA214/314]
Philosophy of Art [HPA215/315]
Epistemology [HPA216/316]
Paradoxes [HPA217/317]
Philosophy of Biology [HPA218/318]
Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy [HPA219/319]
Chinese Philosophy [HPA220/320]
Existentialism and Beyond [HPA225/325]
The Philosophy of Nietzsche [HPA230/330]
Self and Subjectivity [HPA233/333]
Law, Society and Morality [HPA242/342]
Meaning and Understanding [HPA245/345]
Philosophy of Mathematics [HPA246/346]
Contemporary Philosophy: Biotechnology [HPA253/353]
Chance, Coincidence and Chaos [HPA256/356]
History of Philosophy 1: from Early Greece to the Renaissance [HPA266/366]
History of Philosophy 2: Modern Philosophy [HPA268/368]
Philosophy of Health Care [HPA269/369]
Philosophy of Feminism [HPA270/370]
Philosophy and the Body [HPA271/371]
Science and Religion [HPA274/374]
Ways of Reasoning [HPA275/375]
Indo–Tibetan Philosophy, History and Culture [HPA276/376]
Environmental Ethics [HPA277/377]
Ecophilosophy [HPA278/378]
Political Philosophy [HPA289/389]
Introduction to Logic [HPA291/391]
Logic and Possibility [HPA292/392]
Philosophy of Religion [HPA293/393]
Choice, Risk and Decision [HPA294/394]
Deviant Logic [HPA295/395]
Advanced Buddhist Philosophy [HPA297/397]
Philosophy 2001 [HPA398]
Philosophy 4 (Honours) [HPA400/401]
Race and Ethnic Politics [HSA201/301]
Approaches to International Relations [HSA202/302]
Media and Politics [HSA203/303]
Politics in Literature and Film [HSA204/304]
Political Ideologies [HSA210/310]
Political Thought: Liberal Democracy [HSA212/312]
Comparative Political Systems [HSA222/322]
Politics of Democratisation, East and West [HSA227/327]
Australian Foreign Policy [HSA240/340]
Australian Political System: Political Parties and Parliament [HSA241/341]
Globalisation and East Asian Politics [HSA258/358]
Tasmanian Politics and Australian Federalism [HSA260/360]
Espionage, Terror and Global Disorder [HSA270/370]
Parliamentary Internship [HSA361/432]
Political Science 4 (Honours) [HSA400/401]
Policing and Governance [HSD205/305]
Australian Public Policy [HSD206/306]
Sex, Drugs and Toxic Waste: The Politics of Regulation [HSD207/307]
Business–Government Relations [HSD208/308]
Policy Analysis [HSD209/309]
Sport and Tourism: Policy and Politics [HSD210/310]
Regional Development Policy [HSD223/323]
Media, Mass Communication and Information Technology Policy [HSD227/327]
Global Environmental Policy [HSD229/329]
Australian Environmental Policy [HSD230/330]
Social Policy in Welfare States [HSD231/331]
International Organisation: Globalism and Regionalism [HSD232/332]
Executive Government [HSD235/335]
Government and the Economy [HSD236/336]
Asian Environmental Justice [HSD239/339]
Women and Public Policy [HSD240/340]
Public Policy 4 (Honours)  [HSD400/401]
Dissertation [HSD403]
Polar and Oceans Policy [HSD410]
Environmental Politics and Policy [HSD412]
Special Reading Program [HSD413]
Economic Policy [HSD414]
Women and Public Policy [HSD415]
Public Sector Internship [HSD416]
Police Policy and Politics [HSD417]
Human Resource Management [HSD705]
Political Institutions and Policy Dynamics [HSD714]
Public Sector Management [HSD715]
State, Economy and Public Policy [HSD716]
Research Strategies [HSD717]
Research Project [HSD718]
Financial and Technology Management [HSD740]
Ethics and Administrative Law [HSD741]
Issues in Public Administration [HSD742]
Planning Implementation and Review [HSD743]
Cases in Public Administration [HSD744]
Introduction to Government A [HSG101]
Introduction to Government A [HSG101]
Introduction to Government B [HSG102]
Introduction to Government B [HSG102]
Approaches to Political Analysis [HSG200/300]
History 1 [HTA100]
History 1 [HTA101]
The Impact of Europe c. 1640–1780 [HTA103]
History 1A [HTA104]
(b) The Modern World in Australia to 1860 [HTA104]
The History of Europe from c. 1620 to 1789 [HTA105]
History 1B [HTA106]
(b) The Modern World in Australia to 1860 [HTA106]
The Early Middle Ages: From Rome to the Millennium AD 410–1000 [HTA201/301]
Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe [HTA202/302]
Modern Europe 1815–1914 [HTA203/303]
Australia from the 1850s to 1918 [HTA204/304]
Gender in European Thought [HTA205/305]
Australia from 1918 to 1975 [HTA207/307]
Europe in an Age of Crisis 1560–1640 [HTA209/309]
Cold War Europe, 1945–1989 [HTA210/310]
Europe at War 1914–1945 [HTA211/311]
Europe in the High Middle Ages, AD 1000–1300 [HTA212/312]
Revolution and Dissent [HTA216/316]
Crime and the Law in Historical Perspective [HTA218/318]
Historiographical Studies [HTA220/320]
Modern India till Independence [HTA221/321]
India since Independence [HTA222/322]
Islam, Law and Women – Historical and Contemporary Perspectives [HTA223/323]
Heresy and Inquisition in Medieval Europe AD 1100–1500 [HTA225/325]
Spreading the Word: A History of Image and Text [HTA226/326]
Van Diemen's Land 1642–1850 [HTA229/329]
Australian History 1788–1990s [HTA240/340]
History of the USA [HTA241/341]
African History [HTA250/350]
Third World Issues [HTA251/351]
African–American History [HTA252/352]
War and Peace in the Pacific [HTA255/355]
Environmental History [HTA271/371]
History of the Indigenous Peoples of North America [HTA275/375]
History and Heritage [HTA290/390]
Special Topic in History [HTA399]
History 4 (Honours) [HTA498/499]
Ancient Civilisations 1 [HTC100]
Ancient Civilisations 1A: Gender and Politics in Classical Literature [HTC101]
Ancient Civilisations 1B: Introduction to Greek and Roman History [HTC102]
The Pursuit of Empire: Philip, Alexander and Rome [HTC200/300]
Roman Republic 133–31 BC [HTC201/301]
Roman Empire: Tiberius to Hadrian [HTC202/302]
Roman Imperial Society [HTC203/303]
Uncovering the Past [HTC204/304]
Love and Politics in Augustan Literature [HTC205/305]
The Later Roman Empire [HTC206/306]
Monuments of Rome: Image and Ideology [HTC207/307]
Greek and Roman Epic [HTC210/310]
Greek Tragedy [HTC211/311]
Classical Tragedy: Euripides and Beyond [HTC213/313]
Latin 1 [HTC215/315]
Intermediate Ancient Greek A [HTC216]
Intermediate Latin A [HTC217]
Intermediate Ancient Greek B [HTC218]
Intermediate Latin B [HTC219]
Women in Greek and Roman Antiquity [HTC221/321]
Greek and Roman Mythology [HTC223/323]
Advanced Ancient Greek A [HTC316]
Advanced Latin A [HTC317]
Advanced Ancient Greek B [HTC318]
Advanced Latin B [HTC319]
Classics 4 (Honours) [HTC400/401]
Intermediate Ancient Greek A [HTG216]
Intermediate Ancient Greek B [HTG218]
Intermediate Ancient Greek Grammar [HTG220]
Advanced Ancient Greek A [HTG316]
Advanced Ancient Greek B [HTG318]
Advanced Ancient Greek Grammar [HTG320]
Latin 1 [HTL100]
Intermediate Latin A [HTL217]
Intermediate Latin B [HTL219]
Intermediate Latin Grammar [HTL220]
Advanced Latin A [HTL317]
Advanced Latin B [HTL319]
Advanced Latin Grammar [HTL320]
Software Engineering Project [KCA300]
Software Systems [KCA311]
Programming Paradigms [KCA312]
Networks and Protocols [KCA321]
Intelligent Systems [KCA341]
Image Processing and Computer Vision [KCA342]
Computer Architecture [KCA343]
Communications and Data Networks [KCA354]
Advanced Lambda Calculus [KCA421]
Concurrency [KCA422]
Software Engineering Management [KCA427]
Intelligent Systems [KCA441]
Image Processing and Computer Vision [KCA442]
Computer Architecture [KCA443]
Software Engineering Project [KCA444]
Environmental Design 1A [KDA111]
Environmental Design 1B [KDA112]
History & Theory in Design 1 [KDA114]
Building Technology in Design 1 [KDA115]
Environmental Design 2A [KDA121]
Environmental Design 2B [KDA122]
History & Theory in Design 2 [KDA124]
Building Technology in Design 2 [KDA125]
Design Studio 3 [KDA211]
History & Theory in Design 3 [KDA212]
Building Technology in Design 3 [KDA213]
Specialised Studio 1 [KDA214]
Design Studio 4 [KDA221]
History and Theory in Design 4 [KDA222]
Building Technology in Design 4 [KDA223]
Specialised Studio 2 [KDA224]
Design Studio 5 [KDA311]
History & Theory in Design 5 [KDA312]
Building Technology in Design 5 [KDA313]
Specialised Studio 3 [KDA314]
Design Studio 6 [KDA321]
History and Theory in Design 6 [KDA322]
Building Technology in Design 6 [KDA323]
Specialised Studio 4 [KDA324]
Design Studio 7 (BArch) [KDA411]
Professional Studies 1 [KDA412]
Building Technology in Design 7 (BArch) [KDA413]
Design Studio 8 (BArch) [KDA421]
Theory in Design 1 (BArch) [KDA422]
Building Technology in Design 8 (BArch) [KDA423]
Dissertation 1 (BEnvDes Hons) [KDA471]
Environmental Design (BEnvDes Hons) [KDA472]
Design Theory (BEnvDes Hons) [KDA473]
Dissertation 2 (BEnvDes Hons) [KDA481]
Design Studio 9 (BArch) [KDA511]
Theory in Design 2 (BArch) [KDA512]
Professional Studies 2 (BArch) [KDA513]
Professional Project (BArch) [KDA521]
Geology 1 [KEA100]
Geology 2 [KEA200]
Introduction to Geophysics & Computer Applications [KEA222]
Geology for Mining Engineers [KEA231]
Fossils and Environments Through Time [KEA266]
Geology 3 [KEA300]
Computers in Geoscience [KEA332]
Ore Deposit Geology [KEA336]
Sedimentary Environments [KEA338]
Exploration Geophysics [KEA342]
Ore Deposit Geochemistry [KEA346]
Environmental Geology [KEA348]
Geology for Geophysicists [KEA355]
Geology for Environmental Scientists [KEA365]
Advanced Geology [KEA407]
Geology 4 (Honours) [KEA410/411]
Geophysics 4 (Honours) [KEA420/421]
Geochemistry 4 (Honours) [KEA440/441]
Economic Geology 4 (Honours) [KEA450/451]
Graduate Diploma in Science with Honours, specialising in Geology [KEA510/511]
Master of Economic Geology [KEA820]
Master of Economic Geology (National Masters Program) [KEA821]
Ore Deposit Studies and Exploration Models [KEA841]
Tectonics, Structure and Ore Deposits [KEA842]
Volcanology and Mineralisation in Volcanic Terrains [KEA843]
Exploration Geophysics, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems [KEA844]
Geochemistry, Hydrology and Geochronology [KEA845]
Economic, Management and Environmental Aspects of Exploration and Mining [KEA846]
Ore Deposits of South America [KEA848]
Thesis Project [KEA891]
Geography and Environmental Studies 1 [KGA100]
Geography and Environmental Studies 1A [KGA101]
Geography and Environmental Studies 1 [KGA151/152]
Geography and Environmental Studies 1A [KGA161/162]
Soil Conservation (Landcare for Teachers) [KGA190]
Geography and Environmental Studies 2 [KGA200]
Geography of Asia [KGA202/302]
The Global Space Economy [KGA208/308]
Biogeography and Climatology [KGA209]
Natural Environment Field Techniques [KGA213]
Environmental Management [KGA223/323]
Conservation Geomorphology [KGA227]
Historical Geography [KGA240/340]
Urban Planning: Space, Place and Society [KGA253/353]
Sustainable Communities and Local Environments [KGA254/354]
Literature and Environment [KGA272/372]
Wilderness and Natural Area Management: Natural and Cultural Values [KGA278/378]
Conservation Geomorphology [KGA285]
Natural Environment Field Techniques [KGA286]
Introduction to GIS [KGA287]
Biogeography and Climatology [KGA290]
Geography of Asia [KGA291]
The Global Space Economy [KGA292]
Environmental Management [KGA293]
Historical Geography [KGA294]
Urban Planning: Space, Place and Society [KGA295]
Wilderness and Natural Area Management: Natural and Cultural Values [KGA296]
Sustainable Communities and Local Environments [KGA298]
Microclimatology [KGA321]
Conservation Geomorphology [KGA327]
Vegetation Management [KGA331]
Fauna Conservation Management [KGA332]
Environmental Remote Sensing [KGA365]
Environmental Impact Assessment and Decision Making [KGA381]
Geography and Environmental Studies 4 [KGA400/401]
Geography and Environmental Studies 4  [KGA402/403]
Natural Environment and Wilderness Management (Honours) [KGA450/451]
Graduate Diploma in Science with Honours, specialising in Geography [KGA500/501]
Environmental Technology [KGE512]
Ecosystems [KGE513]
Environmental Planning [KGE514]
Environmental Values [KGE515]
Honours Thesis [KGE540/541]
Environmental Technology [KGE812]
Ecosystems [KGE813]
Environmental Planning [KGE814]
Environmental Values [KGE815]
Research Project Thesis [KGE840]
Geomatics la [KGG140]
Geomatics 1a – Introduction to Geomatics [KGG145]
Geomatics lb – Studio [KGG150]
Geomatics 1c – Surveying [KGG155]
Surveying for Engineers [KGG215]
Geomatics 2a: Surveying [KGG220]
Geomatics 2b: Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry [KGG230]
Geomatics 2c: Introduction to GIS [KGG240]
Introduction to GIS [KGG245]
Geomatics 2d: Transformations and Projections [KGG260]
Geomatics 2e: Analysis of Observations [KGG270]
Field Mapping and Measurement [KGG275]
Geomatics 2f: Studio [KGG280]
Geomatics 3a: Surveying [KGG320]
Geomatics 3b: Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry [KGG330]
Geomatics 3c: Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) [KGG340]
Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) [KGG345]
Geomatics 3d: Geodesy [KGG350]
Geomatics 3e: Studio [KGG355]
Earth Sciences [KGG360]
Professional Experience [KGG401]
Land Development Planning [KGG405]
Land Law and Cadastral Studies [KGG407]
Surveying Practice [KGG425]
Advanced Spatial Data Analysis [KGG435]
GIS Application Development [KGG440]
Geographic Information Systems Project [KGG445]
Graduate Diploma in Spatial Information Science with Honours [KGG500/501]
Geomatics (Honours) [KGG510/515]
Graduate Diploma Project Work [KGG580]
Surveying V (Honours) [KGS500/505]
Psychology 1A [KHA101]
Psychology 1B [KHA102]
Psychology 2 (Science) [KHA200]
Research Methods in Psychology [KHA201]
Developmental Psychology [KHA202]
Social Psychology [KHA207/307]
Health & Rehabilitation Psychology [KHA209/309]
Human Abilities [KHA211/311]
Peace, Conflict & Law [KHA212/312]
Psychology of Health & Stress [KHA213/313]
Organisational Psychology [KHA215/315]
States of Consciousness [KHA217/317]
Assessment and Research Methods [KHA301]
Human Neuroscience [KHA303]
Psychophysiology & Emotion [KHA304]
Clinical Psychology [KHA305]
Cognition and Memory [KHA306]
Advanced Research Methods [KHA308]
Learning & Skilled Performance [KHA314]
Individual Differences [KHA318]
Educational Psychology [KHA319]
Psychology 4 (Honours) [KHA400/401]
Psychology 4 (Honours) [KHA415/416]
Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling [KHA500/510]
Rehabilitation Counselling 1 [KHA501]
Rehabilitation Counselling 2 [KHA502]
Research Project 1 [KHA503]
Research Project 2 [KHA504]
Rehabilitation Theory and Practice [KHA505]
Vocational and Legal Rehabilitation [KHA506]
Topics in Rehabilitation  [KHA507]
Rehabilitation in Medical Settings  [KHA508]
Current Issues in Assessment [KHA711]
Psychophysiology & Psychopathology [KHA712]
Adult Psychopathology [KHA713]
Behaviour Change 1 [KHA714]
Clinical Psychophysiology [KHA715]
Research Design [KHA716]
Ethical Issues & Professional Practice 1 [KHA717]
Research Thesis 1 [KHA718]
Advanced Assessment [KHA721]
Clinical Child Psychology [KHA722]
Community & Forensic Psychology [KHA723]
Behaviour Change 2 [KHA724]
Clinical Neuropsychology [KHA725]
Neuroanatomy for Psychologists [KHA726]
Ethical Issues & Professional Practice 2 [KHA727]
Research Thesis 2 [KHA728]
Clinical Psychology [KHA750]
Interviewing & Counselling [KHA771]
Psychoeducational Assessment [KHA772]
Methods in School Psychology [KHA773]
Behaviour Change 1 [KHA774]
Applied Issues in Educational Psychology [KHA775]
Research Design [KHA776]
Ethical Issues & Professional Practice 1 [KHA777]
Research Thesis 1 [KHA778]
Developmental & Educational Psychology [KHA780]
Advanced Interviewing & Counselling [KHA781]
Clinical Child Psychology [KHA782]
Exceptionality & Special Children [KHA783]
Behaviour Change 2 [KHA784]
Applied Developmental Psychology: Childhood [KHA785]
Applied Developmental Psychology: Adolescence & Adulthood [KHA786]
Ethical Issues & Professional Practice 2 [KHA787]
Research Thesis 2 [KHA788]
Child & Adolescent Development [KHB205/305]
Social Behaviour and Social Influence [KHB207/307]
Research Project in Social Psychology [KHB208/308]
Health, Stress and Coping [KHB209/309]
Human Abilities [KHB211/311]
Behaviour in the Workplace [KHB215/315]
Fauna of Tasmania [KJB113]
Genetics [KJB122]
Plant Physiology [KJB205]
Forest Ecosystems [KJB227]
Agroforestry [KJB307]
Plant Biotechnology [KJB308]
Applied Biology Honours [KJB400/401]
Chemistry 1 [KJC101]
Chemistry 1 [KJC103]
Chemistry for Life Sciences [KJC161]
Introduction to Biochemistry [KJC162]
Analytical Chemistry 2 [KJC212]
Inorganic Chemistry 2 [KJC221]
Organic Chemistry 2 [KJC231]
Physical Chemistry 2 [KJC242]
Analytical and Environmental Chemistry 2 [KJC252]
Biochemistry 1 [KJC263]
Instrumental Chemistry 3 [KJC311]
Inorganic Chemistry 3 [KJC322]
Organic Chemistry 3 [KJC332]
Physical Chemistry 3 [KJC341]
Science Project (Chemistry) [KJC353]
Chemistry Honours [KJC400/401]
Population and Urbanisation [KJG101]
The Physical Environment [KJG102]
Australian Natural Environments [KJG201]
Natural Resources Management [KJG202]
Environmental Geomorphology [KJG301]
Globalisation [KJG302]
Geography Honours [KJG400/401]
Geography Honours [KJG402/403]
Physics 1 [KJP101]
Physics 1A [KJP103]
Introduction to Electronics [KJP131]
Digital and Microprocessor Systems [KJP132]
Introduction to Astronomy [KJP142]
Physics 3A [KJP201]
Physics 4E [KJP222]
Computer Control and Communications [KJP231]
Laboratory Instrumentation [KJP232]
Physics 5E [KJP321]
Physics 6E [KJP322]
Physical Sciences Honours [KJP400/401]
Introduction to Agriculture and Horticulture [KLA100]
Business of Agriculture and Horticulture [KLA105]
Science of Agriculture [KLA110]
Sustainable Resource Management [KLA115]
Microbiology 1 [KLA210]
Pasture and Animal Science [KLA211]
Agricultural Geology & Soil Science [KLA213]
Crop and Plant Physiology [KLA214]
Field Agriculture [KLA215]
Agricultural Technology [KLA217]
Animal Production Systems [KLA220/320]
Horticultural Physiology and Technology [KLA233/333]
Horticultural Production Systems [KLA242/342]
Crop and Pasture Production [KLA250/350]
Insect Diversity and Function [KLA254/354]
Introduction to Plant Diseases [KLA287/387]
Fundamentals of Soil Science [KLA297/397]
Research, Development and Extension Methods [KLA305]
Microbial Ecology [KLA309]
Insect Ecology and Behaviour [KLA314/414]
Plant Nutrition & Soil Fertility [KLA318/418]
Animal Science [KLA326/426]
Crop Health Management [KLA329/429]
Agronomy [KLA331/431]
Agricultural and Forest Pathology [KLA346/446]
Horticultural Science [KLA365/465]
Industry Project [KLA377]
Soil and Land Resources [KLA381/481]
Food Microbiology [KLA396/496]
General Microbial Ecology [KLA398/498]
Microbiology 4 (Honours) (Science) [KLA415/416]
Animal Production Systems [KLA420]
Horticultural Production Systems [KLA442]
Crop and Pasture Production [KLA450]
Insect Diversity and Function [KLA454]
Marine, Freshwater and Antarctic Biology (Honours) [KLA455/456]
Literature Review [KLA483]
Introduction to Plant Diseases [KLA487]
Agricultural Science Honours Thesis [KLA490]
Fundamentals of Soil Science [KLA497]
Research Project (Pass)/(Honours) [KLA500/510]
Research Project (Honours) [KLA511]
Graduate Diploma in Science with Honours, specialising in Microbiology [KLA515/516]
Graduate Diploma of Agricultural Science [KLA520/521]
Calculus and Applications 1 [KMA150]
Calculus and Applications 1A [KMA152]
Data Handling and Statistics 1 [KMA153]
Calculus and Applications 1B [KMA154]
Mathematics for Computer Science 1 [KMA155]
Calculus and Applications 1S [KMA156]
Essential Mathematics [KMA157]
Mathematics for Aquaculture [KMA162]
Mathematics in Life Sciences 1 [KMA165]
Mathematics I [KMA171]
Mathematics II [KMA172]
Algebra and Applications 2 [KMA251]
Calculus and Applications 2 [KMA252]
Data Handling and Statistics 2 [KMA253]
Mathematical Analysis & Applications 2 [KMA254]
Operations Research 2 [KMA255]
Computational Mathematics & Linear Algebra (Geomatics) [KMA265]
Mathematics III [KMA271]
Mathematics IV – Introductory Applied Statistics [KMA272]
Computational Techniques 3 [KMA350]
Algebra and Applications 3 [KMA351]
Analysis 3 [KMA352]
Data Handling and Statistics 3 [KMA353]
Mathematical Analysis & Applications 3 [KMA354]
Operations Research 3 [KMA355]
Principles of Statistics 3 [KMA356]
Topics in Advanced Mathematics 3 [KMA357]
Topics in Applied Statistics 3 [KMA358]
Topics in Applied Algebra [KMA359]
Mathematics Va [KMA371]
Mathematics Vb [KMA372]
Mathematics VIa [KMA373]
Mathematics VIb – Intermediate Applied Statistics [KMA374]
Mathematics Honours [KMA400/401]
Graduate Diploma in Science with Honours, specialising in Mathematics [KMA500/501]
Project A [KMA581]
Project B [KMA582]
Project C [KMA583]
Project D [KMA584]
Mathematics 4 unit [KMA586]
Mathematics 4 unit [KMA589]
Engineering Mathematics [KME271]
Engineering Numerical Methods [KME300]
Computer Aided Design and Communication [KNE111]
Engineering Mechanics [KNE112]
Engineering Profession and Industry [KNE121]
Electrical Engineering [KNE122]
Materials and Manufacturing [KNE210]
Engineering Design and Project Management [KNE211]
Mechanics and Structures [KNE212]
Thermal and Fluid Engineering [KNE213]
Electronic Engineering [KNE222]
Computing and Mathematics [KNE225]
Microprocessors and Data Acquisition [KNE232]
Engineering Project Management and Economics [KNE301]
Structural Mechanics [KNE312]
Geotechnical Engineering 1 [KNE313]
Transportation Engineering [KNE314]
Steel and Timber Structures [KNE315]
Concrete Structures [KNE316]
Advanced Circuit Analysis [KNE331]
Digital Electronic Systems [KNE332]
Signals and Linear Systems [KNE333]
Communication Systems 1 [KNE334]
Electrical Design Management and Law [KNE335]
Instrumentation and Control [KNE336]
Electrical Materials and Machines [KNE341]
Power Systems 1 [KNE342]
Fluid Mechanics 1 [KNE351]
Dynamic Systems [KNE352]
Manufacturing, Maintenance and Quality [KNE353]
Thermal Energy Systems [KNE354]
Design for Manufacture [KNE355]
Mechatronic Systems 1 [KNE364]
Introduction to Computing [KNT111]
Principles of Programming [KNT112]
Electrical Fundamentals [KNT115]
Materials Technology 1 [KNT116]
Thermofluid Dynamics 1 [KNT118]
Physics [KNT119]
Engineering Profession and Industry [KNT120]
Engineering Graphics and Design A [KNT121]
Engineering Graphics and Design B [KNT122]
Engineering Mechanics A [KNT123]
Engineering Mechanics B [KNT124]
Mathematical Methods [KNT125]
Calculus and Linear Algebra [KNT126]
Programming and Problem Solving [KNT131]
Engineering Design [KNT214]
Technical Review [KNT215]
Electronic Engineering [KNT216]
Thermodynamics [KNT217]
Fluid Mechanics [KNT218]
Strength of Materials [KNT219]
Engineering Dynamics [KNT220]
Materials [KNT221]
Ocean Science [KNT222]
Electrical Systems [KNT223]
Software Process [KNT224]
Computer Aided Design A [KNT225]
Computer Aided Design B [KNT226]
Calculus of Several Variables [KNT227]
Linear Algebra for Engineering [KNT228]
Microprocessor Systems and Data [KNT229]
Botany 1G [KPA150]
Botany 1E [KPA151]
Natural Vegetation of Tasmania [KPA152]
Plant Science for Agricultural Science [KPA160]
Botany 2 [KPA200]
Alternative Terrestrial Lifestyles – The Fungi [KPA371]
Aquatic Botany [KPA372]
Cell Biology [KPA373]
Evolution and Biodiversity [KPA374]
Field Botany [KPA375]
Genetics [KPA376]
Molecular Evolution [KPA377]
Plant Science Research [KPA378]
Plant Ecology [KPA379]
Botany 4 [KPA400/401]
Genetics 4 [KPA410/411]
Marine, Freshwater and Antarctic Biology (Honours) [KPA450/451]
Forest Ecology (Honours) [KPA460/461]
Graduate Diploma in Science with Honours, specialising in Botany [KPA500/501]
Graduate Diploma in Science with Honours, specialising in Genetics [KPA510]
Graduate Diploma in Science with Honours, specialising in Forest Processes [KPA520/521]
Ecology for Agricultural Science [KPZ161]
Genetics and Cell Biology for Agricultural Science [KPZ162]
Zoology for Aquaculture [KQA110]
Aquatic Ecology I [KQA121]
Introductory Aquaculture Technology [KQA124]
Intensive Algal Culture [KQA201]
General Microbiology [KQA207]
Aquatic Ecology II [KQA212]
Technology for Aquaculture [KQA214]
Applied and Environmental Microbiology [KQA218]
Applied Algology [KQA220]
Intensive Crustacean & Zooplankton Culture [KQA228]
Finfish Culture [KQA241]
Molluscan Culture [KQA242]
Crustacean & Zooplankton Culture [KQA243]
Scientific Analysis and Presentation for Aquaculture [KQA302]
Intensive Molluscan Culture [KQA303]
Practicum (Degree) [KQA311]
Nutrition of Aquatic Organisms [KQA319]
Intensive Finfish Culture [KQA320]
Aquatic Animal Health [KQA321]
Advanced Aquaculture Technology [KQA325]
Aquaculture Policy and Operations [KQA326]
Physiology of Aquatic Organisms [KQA330]
Practicum (Diploma) [KQA340]
Practicum (GradDip) [KQA350]
Aquaculture Honours [KQA401/403]
Literature Review [KQA817]
Research Dissertation [KQA818/819]
Specialist Practical Skills [KQA820/821]
Chemistry 1A [KRA110]
Chemistry 1 (Agricultural Science) [KRA120]
Chemistry 1 (Applied Agriculture) [KRA121]
Chemistry 1B [KRA130]
Chemistry Option (Medicine) [KRA145]
Chemistry (Pharmacy) [KRA160]
Chemistry of Materials [KRA170]
Chemistry 2 [KRA200]
Analytical & Environmental Chemistry [KRA203]
Chemistry for Life Sciences [KRA205]
Organic Chemistry (Agricultural Science) [KRA222]
Organic Chemistry (Pharmacy) [KRA262]
Chemistry 3A [KRA301]
Chemistry 3B [KRA302]
Instrumental Analytical Chemistry [KRA303]
Biosynthesis & Function of Natural Products [KRA305]
Chemistry (Honours) [KRA400/401]
Graduate Diploma in Science with Honours , specialising in Chemistry [KRA500/501]
Project [KRA580]
Honours unit [KRA583]
Honours unit [KRA586]
Honours unit [KRA589]
Bachelor of Antarctic Studies with Honours [KSA410/411]
Graduate Diploma of Science (Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies) [KSA505/506]
Graduate Diploma of Science (Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies) with Honours [KSA510/511]
Computing for Human Movement [KXA111]
Computer Science 1 [KXA150]
Programming and Problem Solving [KXA151]
Computer Organisation and Architecture [KXA152]
Computer Applications [KXA153]
Software Process [KXA154]
Professional Computing [KXA155]
Multimedia and Web Applications [KXA156]
Algorithms and Metrics [KXA251]
Artificial Intelligence [KXA252]
Software Design [KXA253]
Operating Systems [KXA254]
Computer Security [KXA262/362]
Advanced Web Development [KXA281/381]
UMAP Exchange Program (Stage 1) [KXA299]
Computing Project A [KXA331]
Computing Project B [KXA332]
Principles of Operating Systems [KXA334]
Knowledge-Based Systems [KXA335]
Digital Networks [KXA336]
Programming Systems [KXA337]
Computer Graphics & Animation [KXA338]
Computer Assisted Learning [KXA339]
Computer Assisted Learning [KXA361]
UMAP Exchange Program (Stage 2) [KXA399]
Computation and Functional Programming [KXA412]
Spatial Information Systems [KXA415]
Advanced Computer Security [KXA418]
Multimedia & Internet Applications [KXA430]
Machine Learning [KXA431]
Java Applications [KXA433]
Computing Honours Full time [KXA450]
Computing Honours Part time [KXA451]
Physics 1A [KYA101]
Physics 1B [KYA102]
Applied Physics [KYA171]
Biological Physics [KYA172]
Astronomy [KYA181]
Physics 2A [KYA201]
Physics 2B [KYA202]
Engineering Physics [KYA275]
Physics 3A [KYA301]
Physics 3B [KYA302]
Physics 3C [KYA303]
Dynamical Systems and Chaos [KYA314]
Fluid Mechanics [KYA315]
Physics 2 (Engineering) [KYA375]
Physics 4 (Honours) [KYA410/411]
Graduate Diploma in Science with Honours, specialising in Physics [KYA510/511]
Honours unit [KYA583]
Honours unit [KYA586]
Honours unit [KYA589]
Zoology 1G [KZA150]
Zoology 1E [KZA151]
Zoology for Agricultural Science [KZA160]
Zoology 2 [KZA210]
Antarctic Ecology [KZA351]
Environmental Adaptation [KZA352]
Evolutionary Biology & Biogeography [KZA353]
Fisheries & Wildlife Management [KZA354]
Freshwater Ecology [KZA355]
Marine Ecology [KZA356]
Quantitative Methods in Biology [KZA357]
Reproductive Biology: Strategies and Mechanisms [KZA358]
Zoology 4 (Honours) [KZA400/401]
Marine, Freshwater and Antarctic Biology (Honours) [KZA450/451]
Graduate Diploma in Science with Honours, specialising in Zoology [KZA500/501]

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