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Information relevant to 2003 – Course Details

Bachelor of Performing Arts with Honours

Abbreviation: BPA(Hons)

Course code: F4B

Course contact (faculty or school) (03) 6324 3599

Bachelor of Performing Arts with Honours – Course Specifications

Introductory comments

This on-campus one year full-time (or at the discretion of the School, 2 consecutive years part-time) course is offered by the Faculty of Arts through the School of Visual and Performing Arts in Launceston.

There will be an intake into the Contemporary Music stream only of the BPA(Hons) in 2003. Students wishing to undertake honours study in theatre will enrol in the new Bachelor of Contemporary Arts with Honours.

Admission & prerequisites

On successful completion of a Bachelor of Performing Arts or Bachelor of Contemporary Arts degree in Contemporary Music, a candidate may make application to undertake a further Honours year. Prerequisites for entry into the Honours year apply: a candidate will normally be expected to have gained at least two distinctions or above during the second and third year of undergraduate study, one of which should be in the final year of the relevant specialisation.

Course objectives

The course allows students to concentrate on developing a body of work in which the emphasis will be placed on a spirit of excellence and a strong sense of independent enquiry. This will involve identification of an issue or hypothesis, an evaluative literature survey plus a study of the selected problem. Experimentation will be encouraged and the candidates will have a strong commitment to the articulation of performing arts theory in written, verbal and theatrical form, and its integration into performance.

Career outcomes

May lead to postgraduate study or employment in the music profession, film and television; public relations; music in education.

Course structure

Candidates work with one or two supervisors in a specialisation and must be prepared to articulate the line of investigation which they wish to pursue. This will take the form of a proposal which establishes the framework for assessment.

Candidates undertake a research training seminar program which is devoted to a study of contemporary performance theory, methodology and criticism within the performing arts.

Candidates can normally expect to present one research paper of approximately 4,000 words. A seminar paper of approximately 2,500 words which considers the candidate’s current work and its theoretical context will also be presented. This will be written in consultation with the candidate’s supervisor. These papers will then be presented as part of a candidate’s examination submission.

In addition to the research seminar program, candidates will present either a dissertation of approximately 12,000 words or equivalent performance program within their research specialisation.

Candidates will be examined by a panel of academic staff (including one external assessor) on a presentation of work representing results of study undertaken during the year, along with the two seminar papers, and any other written documentation, such as diaries, notebooks and other relevant material. Candidates must satisfy the examiners as to the quality of their submissions.

General provisions

The dean may, on the recommendation of the head of school, grant a candidate an extension of time for the completion of either the dissertation or performance program.

Except by special permission of the Faculty there is no re-examination for honours.

The classes of honours are First Class, Second Class, and Third Class. There is an upper and lower division in the second class.


Students enrol as follows:

FPA400 Bachelor of Performing Arts with Honours (Full time) 100%
FPA401 Bachelor of Performing Arts with Honours (Part time) 50%

Note: The following information is NOT included in the printed edition of the Course and Unit Handbook


Dr Deborah Malorph 6324 4429 fax 6324 4401

Additional Information

The following information answers some frequently asked questions.
Note, however, details should be confirmed with the appropriate authority

Responsible faculty or school | Faculty of Arts | Visual and Performing Arts

Campus(es) offered | Launceston

Mode of delivery | Full time | Part time

Course duration | 1 years minimum (2 semesters) | 2 years maximum (4 semesters)

Costs (course fees only – annual) | HECS: YES

Students enrolled in this course | Total students enrolled last year: 2 | Total students enrolled this year: 2

Approximate student-staff contact hours | 1 hr weekly 26 wks

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