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Information relevant to 2003 – Course Details

Bachelor of Contemporary Arts with Honours

Abbreviation: BCA(Hons)

Course code: F4J

Course contact (faculty or school) (03) 6324 4400

Schedules of units

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Bachelor of Contemporary Arts with Honours – Course Specifications

Introductory comments

Offered subject to Council approval

This on-campus, 1 year full-time (or 2 consecutive years part-time) course is offered on the Launceston campus through the School of Visual & Performing Arts.

The BCA(Hons) aims to provide an introduction to research training in the visual and/or theatre arts through the preparation, execution and presentation of an in-depth, supervised project complemented by coursework research skills study.

Admission & prerequisites

Students may be offered a place in the BCA(Hons) on the basis of:

a degree in the visual and/or performing arts or a degree in a cognate area or the equivalent (as determined by the dean);
an average mark of Distinction or above in the major area of study in the final year of the three-year undergraduate degree;
demonstrating during audition/interview process the capacity to undertake the BCA(Hons)

BCA(Hons) course specifications are published in the Calendar, copies of which are held in the University Library, Student Administration, School Offices and the Faculty Office.

Course objectives

The objectives of the BCA(Hons) are to:

introduce students to research methods and strategies relevant to contemporary visual and theatre arts practices;
foster the student’s capacity for critical thinking, analysis and reflection through the formation and testing of theoretical propositions in visual, written, oral and/or performative modes;
develop the student’s technical and aesthetic abilities so that ideas can be confidently expressed in visual, performative and/or textual modes;
provide students with an opportunity to plan, implement and present a significant research project set within the context of contemporary studio/theatre practice and theory;
cultivate the student’s communication abilities in being able to present and defend their beliefs and assumptions in settings such as seminars, workshops, conferences and symposia;
enhance the student’s prospects for an arts career in fields such as independent visual arts studio and theatre practice, arts directorship and curatorship, arts management and academic and vocational teaching positions; and
provide access to higher degrees by research programs.
Career outcomes

Graduates from the BCA(Hons) will find employment in a variety of positions within the visual and performing arts professions. Students who specialise in either 2D Studies or 3D Studies or Theory Studies may work as curators, gallery administrators, researchers and teachers, as well as participating in individual and group-generated projects and studio practice. Students who specialise in Theatre Studies stream may work in professional theatre as actors, stage managers or technicians, film and television, or in public relations.

Course structure

Students undertake a nominated course of study approved by the Faculty on the recommendation of the Head of the School of Visual & Performing Arts. Unless otherwise approved by the Faculty, the subject area chosen by the student should be one in which the candidate has undertaken major studies in the degree of Bachelor of Contemporary Arts or equivalent.

The following specialisations are available:

Art Theory;
3D Studies;
2D Studies;

Students enrol in HXA400 (100% full-time) or HXA401 (50% part-time) and complete three 0%-weighted units as shown in the schedule below.

Schedule of units .


Students who have successfully completed the Bachelor of Contemporary Arts with Honours may apply for entry to a higher degree (Masters or PhD) in accordance with policies governing candidature for such admission.

General provisions

The dean may, on the recommendation of the Head of School, permit a candidate whose work has been interrupted by illness or other unavoidable cause to complete the course over a longer period.

The classes of honours are first class, second class and third class. There is an upper and lower division in the second class.

Note: The following information is NOT included in the printed edition of the Course and Unit Handbook

Additional Information

The following information answers some frequently asked questions.
Note, however, details should be confirmed with the appropriate authority

Responsible faculty or school | Faculty of Arts

Campus(es) offered

Mode of delivery | Full time | Part time

Course duration | 1 years minimum (2 semesters) | 2 years maximum (4 semesters)

Costs (course fees only – annual) | HECS: YES

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