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Information relevant to 2003 – Course Schedules

Bachelor of Arts

Behavioural Science

Course code: R3A  – For Year 1 units

Unit title campus offered weight prereq coreq m.excl enrol code
Behaviour in the Workplace Distance education: semester 1 [by internet] 12.5% KHA100 or (KHA101 and KHA102) or (HGP101 and HGP102) KHA201 KHA215, KHA315 KHB215/315
Child & Adolescent Development not offered in 2003 12.5% (KHA101 and KHA102) or (HGP101 and HGP102) or KHA100   HGP205, KHA202, KHA250 KHB205/305
Health, Stress and Coping not offered in 2003 12.5% (KHA101 and KHA102) or (HGP101 and HGP102) or KHA100     KHB209/309
Social Behaviour and Social Influence Distance education: semester 2 [by internet] 12.5% (KHA101 and KHA102) or (HGP101 and HGP102) or KHA100   HGP207, KHA207, KHA307 KHB207/307

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