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Information relevant to 2003 – Course Schedules

Bachelor of Arts

Groups 2A & 3A

Course code: R3A  – For Year 1 units

Units offered outside the BA schedule as the Faculty may approve with a combined weighting of not more than 75% at level 200/300.

Fine Arts study in the BA

Course code: R3A  – For Year 1 units

BA students wishing to undertake study in Fine Arts may do so and still be within the specifications of their degree course. Students must attend an interview, bringing their portfolio with them.

A Fine Arts major for a BA student can comprise a major in Art and Cultural Theory or a major which is largely based on studio units, but which must include a minimum of 25% Art Theory units. The total units studied must not exceed 100% (25% at level 100 and 75% over levels 200 and 300).

1. Sample major – Studio (Hbt)
Year 1 Painting 25%
Year 2 Painting 2A 25%
  Theory 1A 12.5%
Year 3 Painting 3A 25%
  Theory 1B 12.5%
    Major total 100%
2. Sample major – Art & Cultural Theory (Hbt)
Year 1 Theory 1A + 1B 25%
Year 2 Theory 2 25%
  Elective (eg Drawing) 12.5%
Year 3 Theory 3 25%
  Elective (eg Drawing) 12.5%
    Major total 100%
3. Sample major – Studio (Ltn)
Year 1 Intro to 2D Studies 12.5%
  Intro to 3D Studies 12.5%
Year 2 3D Studies electives 25%
  Intro to Cultural Practices 1 12.5%
Year 3 3D Studies electives 25%
  Intro to Cultural Practices 2 12.5%
    Major total 100%

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