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Information relevant to 2003 – Course Specifications

Bachelor of Technology (BTech)

Course details (N3M)


1 Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Technology shall be qualified for entry in accordance with the provisions of the University’s Rules of Admission.
2 Candidates for the degree shall complete the degree requirements, as hereinafter prescribed, in not less than three separate years of full-time study (or its equivalent) and not more than eight years, of passing in the first unit claimed as a unit of the course, unless otherwise exempt by the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology.

Course structure

3 To qualify for the award of the degree a candidate shall pass first, second and third year units with a total weight of at least 300%, as specified in Schedule B, which have been selected according to one of the fields of specialisation shown in Schedule A.
4 The units which may be included in a course for the degree shall, unless otherwise approved by the dean, be in accordance with Schedule B.


5[i] Unless otherwise approved by Faculty, to complete each year of the course a candidate shall either:
(a) obtain passes (or have been exempt from passing) in all units of the year, or
(b) be passed by the Faculty in the year as a whole.
[ii] For the purposes of paragraph 2, ‘Passes’ shall be deemed to include terminating passes and faculty passes, provided that:
(a) the total number of units in which terminating passes and faculty passes are counted for the award of the degree shall not exceed four (4);
(b) the total weight of units in which terminating and faculty passes are counted towards the degree shall not exceed 25% in any one year of the course;
(c) a terminating pass normally shall not be accepted by the Faculty as satisfying the prerequisite for enrolment in a unit of a later year of the course unless so recommended by the head of school;
(d) no more than one faculty pass shall be awarded in any year of the course.
6 A candidate may not normally enrol concurrently for units from more than two consecutive years of the course without approval from the dean. Also, the combined weighting of the subjects in which a candidate may enrol shall not exceed 100% unless approved by the dean.
7 Before being admitted to the degree the candidate shall:
[i] produce evidence satisfactory to the dean of having gained any relevant practical experience prescribed by the Faculty from time to time; and
[ii] have obtained a first aid qualification approved by the Faculty.

Credit for previous studies

8 Passes in subjects or units in other courses (completed or otherwise) in this University or another approved tertiary institution (or other approved professional examining body) may be credited towards the degree, provided that the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology may specify what more a candidate so credited shall be required to do to qualify for the degree. Similar arrangements exist where students with an appropriate TAFE qualification or work experience may be granted exemptions.


9 The Faculty may from time to time make amendments to the schedules to these specifications.
10 These specifications shall take effect on 1 January 1997 and shall apply to all candidates for the degree, including those enrolling for the first time in that year and those enrolled subsequently and to any candidates who, having commenced their studies for the Bachelor of Technology prior to that date have not passed in any units towards the degree by that date.
11 Candidates who have passed in units towards the Bachelor of Technology degree under the specifications in force prior to 1 January 1997 will be entitled to graduate in accordance with the degree specifications operating at the time of their admission to candidature.
12 The approved abbreviation for the degree of Bachelor of Technology shall be BTech.

Schedule A

  Fields of Specialisation
Electronics and Computers
Environmental Technology
Manufacturing Technology
Electrical Power

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