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Information relevant to 2003 – Unit Details

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Economics of Human Resources

Enrolment code: BEA306

Offered: Hobart: semester 2

Unit description:

Examines in a non-technical way the essential characteristics of the labour market and the actions of the people participating in it. The unit includes an individual’s decision to invest in education and training, the hiring, promotion and dismissal decisions of firms, wage determination, performance monitoring and employee incentive schemes, collective bargaining and trade unions. An important objective of the unit is to give students the training to understand and contribute to current policy debates in the Australian labour market.

Unit weight 12.5% To see normal University Admission requirements
Teaching pattern 2 x 1-hr lectures, 1-hr tutorial weekly, (13 wks) Timetable
Prerequisites BEA110  
Mutual exclusions HGE233/333  
Assessment mode internal assessment (30%), final exam (70%) Examinations timetable (Users will need to know their login name (POP account) and password)
Majors: [Discipline and school information] Social Ecology  
Courses Bachelor of Commerce (See also combined degrees)
Bachelor of Economics (See also combined degrees)
Faculty website Faculty of Commerce  
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