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Information relevant to 2003 – Unit Details

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Effective Implementation A

Enrolment code: ESG783

Offered: Hobart: semester 2, Off-shore: semester 2

Unit description:

Is concerned with the management of change and its institutionalisation. Basic change models and strategies are examined and factors in the change process are identified and diagnosed. Close examination of case studies by syndicates of students are exchanged and /or a problem-based learning strategy leads participants to problem-based solutions to a complex problem in education and application to their back-home work situation.

Staff Professor WB Mulford For information on staff, turn to relevant Faculty website University phone and email search phone    email
Unit weight 12.5% To see normal University Admission requirements
Teaching pattern tba Timetable
Recommended texts etc Hargreaves A et al (eds), International Handbook of Educational Change, Norwell Kluiver, 1998 ISBN 0792335341
Bishop P & Mulford B, ‘When will they ever learn? Another failure of centrally-imposed change,’ School Leadership and Management, 19, 179–187 (1999)
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Discipline (School) Postgraduate Education  
Courses Graduate Certificate of Education
Master of Education
Faculty website Faculty of Education  
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