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Information relevant to 2003 – Unit Details

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Aural & Ensemble 2A

Enrolment code: FPM202

Offered: Launceston: semester 1

Unit description:

Continues in developing the student’s notation reading and aural recognition skills. Activities, including advanced rhythmic reading skills, interval and chordal recognition. There is a continuation of developing the student’s fluency in hearing, reading, and performing through practical exercise in rhythmic, melodic and chordal dictation. 7th chords, secondary dominants and minor keys will be introduced and two line melodies will be transcribed. The ensemble component will continue toward the developing of interpersonal communication and organisational skills. It will also continue to provide opportunities for professional ensemble performance skills.

Staff Mr MH Mumford (Coordinator) For information on staff, turn to relevant Faculty website University phone and email search phone    email
Unit weight 12.5% To see normal University Admission requirements
Teaching pattern 3 hours weekly (13 wks); lectures & practical sessions Timetable
Prerequisites FPM105  
Assessment mode weekly rhythmic and aural performance tests (10%), dictation and analysis (10%), aural viva voce exams (50%), weekly performance observation of individual contribution to ensemble (50%) Examinations timetable (Users will need to know their login name (POP account) and password)
Discipline (School) Music (Launceston)  
Courses Bachelor of Contemporary Arts  
Faculty website Faculty of Arts  
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