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Information relevant to 2003 – Unit Details

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Learning & Skilled Performance

Enrolment code: KHA214/314

Offered: not offered in 2003

Special note: Level 200 or 300 elective unit which may be taken as part of psychology major

Unit description:

Examines the processes underlying skill acquisition and human performance. Skilled performance across many tasks involves the coordinated processes of perception, cognition and action. Of particular interest are the substantial changes in these processes that occur as people gain experience in a task or domain. In this unit the primary focus will be on the acquisition of perceptual-motor skills. The development of motor expertise is addressed from four perspectives: the information processing approach, the individual differences or abilities approach, the expert-novice approach and the ecological or action systems approach. The laboratory component involves empirical investigation of topics covered in the lectures. Specific topics will include decision processing, practice conditions, bimanual coordination, cue use and the perception of affordances.

Staff Prof JJ Summers (Coordinator) For information on staff, turn to relevant Faculty website University phone and email search phone    email
Unit weight 12.5% To see normal University Admission requirements
Teaching pattern 2x1-hr lecture and 2-hr lab class weekly (13 wks) Timetable
Prerequisites (KHA101 and KHA102 ) or KHA100  
Corequisites KHA301 or KHA201  
Assessment mode 2-hr exam in Nov (50%), assignments totalling 2,500 words (50%) Examinations timetable (Users will need to know their login name (POP account) and password)
Majors: [Discipline and school information] Psychology  
Courses Bachelor of Arts (See also combined degrees)
Bachelor of Social Science (Police Studies)
Bachelor of Science (See also combined degrees)
Faculty website Faculty of Science and Engineering  
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