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Information relevant to 2003 – Unit Details

Units are listed in alphanumeric order of code numbers.

(B) Commerce space | (C) Health Science space | (E) Education space | (F) Fine Arts, Visual and Performing Arts space | (H) Humanities, Social Sciences space | (K) Science, Engineering and Technology space | (L) Law space | Miscellaneous units

Faculty of Commerce units
[BEA units] Economics
[BFA units] Accounting and Finance
[BMA units] Management
[BSA units] Information Systems
Faculty of Health Science units
[CAM units] Medicine
[CBA units] Biochemistry
[CGC units] Medicine
[CGW units] Medicine
[CHG units] Anatomy and Physiology
[CHN units] Medicine
[CHP units] Medicine
[CJA units] Pathology
[CKA units] Medicine
[CLA units] Medicine
[CMM units] Medicine
[CMP units] Medicine
[CNA units] Nursing
[CRH units] Rural Health
[CSA units] Pharmacy
[CXA units] Biomedical Science
Faculty of Education units
[EPC units] Bachelor of Education
[EPF units] Bachelor of Education
[EPT units] Bachelor of Education
[ESA units] Teaching and University Preparation Program
[ESF units] Doctorate in Education
[ESG units] Postgraduate Education
[ESI units] In-Service Education
[ESP units] Human Movement
[EST units] Pre-Teaching
[ESV units] Adult and Vocational Education
[ESW units] Faculty of Education
Faculty of Arts (Fine Arts, Visual and Performing Arts) units
[FCA units] Conservatorium
[FCB units] Music
[FCC units] Music
[FCE units] Music
[FCF units] Music
[FCG units] Music
[FCH units] Music
[FCM units] Music
[FCN units] Music
[FCP units] Music
[FCT units] Music
[FCX units] Music
[FCZ units] Music with Honours
[FFA units] Visual Arts Launceston
[FFC units] Ceramics Launceston
[FFD units] Drawing Launceston
[FFE units] General Studio Launceston
[FFP units] Painting Launceston
[FFR units] Printmedia Launceston
[FFS units] Sculpture Launceston
[FFX units] Textiles Launceston
[FPA units] Performing Arts with Honours
[FPB units] Theatre, School of Visual and Performing Arts Launceston
[FPF units] Bachelor of Performing Arts -- Music Launceston
[FPM units] Music Launceston
[FSA units] Fine Arts Hobart
[FSB units] Design Drawing Hobart
[FSD units] Drawing Hobart
[FSE units] E-media Hobart
[FSF units] Furniture Design Hobart
[FSG units] Graphic Design Hobart
[FSH units] Photography Hobart
[FSP units] Painting Hobart
[FSR units] Printmaking Hobart
[FSS units] Sculpture Hobart
[FST units] Art and Design Theory Hobart
[FSW units] Woodskills Hobart
[FSZ units] Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies Hobart
Faculty of Arts (Humanities and Social Science) units
[HAB units] Aboriginal Studies
[HAF units] Womens Studies
[HEA units] English
[HEF units] French
[HEG units] German
[HEJ units] Journalism and Media Studies
[HGA units] Sociology
[HGE units] Social Ecology
[HGT units] Tourism
[HGW units] Social Work
[HMA units] Asian Studies
[HMC units] Chinese
[HMJ units] Japanese
[HMN units] Indonesian
[HPA units] Philosophy
[HSA units] Political Science
[HSD units] Public Policy
[HSG units] Political Science and Public Policy
[HSP units] Police Studies
[HTA units] History
[HTC units] Ancient Civilisations
[HTG units] Ancient Greek
[HTL units] Latin
[HXA units] Faculty of Arts
Units offered by Edith Cowan University
[IST units] Contact Edith Cowan University for details
Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology units
[KDA units] Architecture and Environment Design
[KEA units] Earth Science Geology
[KGA units] Geography and Environmental Studies
[KGE units] Environmental Studies
[KGG units] Geomatics Surveying
[KGS units] Faculty of Science and Engineering
[KHA units] Psychology
[KHB units] Behavioural Science
[KJB units] Applied Biology
[KJC units] Faculty of Science and Engineering
[KJG units] Earth Science Geography
[KJP units] PhysicsElectronics
[KLA units] Agricultural Science
[KMA units] Mathematics
[KME units] Faculty of Science and Engineering
[KNE units] Engineering
[KNT units] Faculty of Science and Engineering
[KPA units] Plant Science
[KPZ units] Plant Science
[KQA units] Aquaculture
[KRA units] Chemistry
[KSA units] Antarctic Studies
[KXA units] Computing
[KYA units] Physics
[KZA units] Zoology
Faculty of Law units
[LAW units] Law
[LCA units] Postgraduate Law -- contact Faculty for details
Miscellaneous Enabling units

See also University Preparation Program units . Download includes BTeach units (UPP Codes are prefixed ESA0)

[XAA units] UniStart

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