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Diploma of Education (DipEd)

Course code: E6A
The Diploma of Education is a 1-year course taken after the completion of a first degree. The course is intended to provide sufficient teaching practice and skills to enable the beginning teacher to cope with the early years of teaching and to lay a foundation for further professional development in both theory and practice of education. This course is presently under review. There is no option for part-time study available in 1996.

Entry to the Diploma of Education course is by application and a quota applies. Application forms are available from the Faculty Executive Officer, Education.

The topics studied during the Diploma of Education year are:
*Foundation studies
 The subjects consist of the study of human development and thought from a sociological, psychological and philosophic standpoint. They include the study of the emotional, intellectual and physical development of the child, the examination of the inter-relationship of the child with society, and the history of the development of educational thought.
*Studies in classroom practice and organisation
 This subject provides students with an introduction to those general principles and practices of class teaching which are common to the various levels of schooling and to a wide range of subject teaching.
*School experience
 There are 50 days of practice teaching which are undertaken during the year; 25 days each semester.
*Curriculum and method studies
 The studies allow for specialisation in the study of the curriculum and teaching methods at early childhood, primary, secondary or further education levels.

Course rules
Course rules are detailed in the Rules Handbook.

Further study
Students who complete the Diploma of Education may convert the Diploma into either the Bachelor of Education or one of the Post Graduate Coursework awards offered by the Faculty of Education. Details of the additional work required can be found in the Undergraduate Course and Unit Handbook 1996 or by contacting the Associate Academic Dean or the Faculty Executive Officer.

Diploma of Education - Schedule of units

Unit CodeUnit TitleWeightPoints
Foundation Studies *a*
EBA501Educational Psychology *a*6.662.4
EBA502Education and Society *a*6.662.4
EBA503Philosophy of Education *a*6.662.4
Studies in Classroom Practice and Organisation *a*15.005.4
School Experience *a*
Select one of
EBA521Early Childhood Education25.009
EBA524Teaching Experience A - Further Education [na]12.504.5
EBA525Teaching Experience B - Further Education [na]12.504.5
Curriculum and Method Studies *a*
Select one of
EBA531Early Childhood Education40.014.4
or (Secondary) two of
EBA533Business Studies [nal20.07.2
EBA534Computer Studies20.07.2
EBA535Drama [nal20.07.2
EBA537General Science20.07.2
EBA539Modern Languages20.07.2
EBA540Social Sciences20.07.2
EBA541Special Secondary20.07.2
or (Secondary) one of:
EBA543Visual Art40.014.4
or (Further Education)
EBA548Curriculum and Teaching Studies A [na]20.07.2
EBA549Curriculum and Teaching Studies B [na]20.07.2

*a* Compulsory; [na]=not offered in 1996

(1)School Experience units in the four available streams are corequisites of the corresponding Curriculum and Method units.
(2)Part-time DipEd students are required to take 'Classroom Practice and Organisation' and 'Curriculum and Method Studies' concurrently with School Experience.

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