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Graduate Diploma of Engineering with Honours (GradDipEng(Hons))

Course code: N6Z
The Graduate Diploma of Engineering with Honours may be the bridging program you need, if you already hold an approved Bachelor's degree and would like to further your studies in Engineering.

On completion this will enable you to be accepted into Master's or PhD programs.

Admission requirements & prerequisites
To be accepted as a candidate for the Graduate Diploma of Engineering with Honours you must either have an appropriate degree from the University of Tasmania, or have completed an engineering qualification with sufficient merit from another institution.

Course structure
To qualify for the award of the Diploma, a candidate must satisfactorily complete a program of study and project work as prescribed by the Faculty. The candidate must:
*select units from those listed in Schedule A below, which have not previously been counted by the candidate towards an award of the University, with a total weight of at least 60%, unless the Faculty determines otherwise; and
*under supervision, carry out and write a report on a project, with a weight of 40%, which is equivalent in standard to that required for BE Honours.

Project enrolment codes
ACC590GradDipEng(Hons) Project - Civil Engineering
ACM595GradDipEng(Hons) Project Mechanical Engineering
AEA592GradDipEng(Hons) Project - Electrical Power Engineering
AEA593GradDipEng(Hons) Project - Electronics and Computer Engineering
AEA594GradDipEng(Hons) Project - Computer Systems Engineering

Candidates will be expected to complete the course in one year of full-time study or not more than two consecutive years of part-time study.

Schedule A - Units approved for the Graduate Diploma of Engineering with Honours.

Unit CodeUnit TitleWeight
ACM401Robotics, Dynamics and Control8.5
ACC413Structural Mechanics 38.5
ACC414Stress Analysis8.5
ACM420Aerodynamic Design8.5
ACM423Gas Dynamics and Turbomachines8.5
ACC434Geomechanics 28.5
ACC445Traffic and Highway Engineering8.5
ACC446Environmental Engineering8.5
ACM460Refrigeration and Air Conditioning8.5
ACM470Heat and Mass Transfer8.5
ACM475Advanced Manufacturing8.5
AEA461Business Strategies and Marketing for Engineers6.0
ACM462Engineering Management and Law6.0
AEA407Electronic Systems8.5
AEA408Control Engineering8.5
AEA409Engineering Systems8.5
AEA412Computer & Data Networks8.5
AEA413Software & Knowledge Engineering8.5
AEA414Image Processing a Computer Vision8.5
AEA416Computer Systems 28.5
AEA43lSignal Processing8.5
AEA432Digital Communications8.5
AEA441Power Systems 28.5
AEA445Power Electronic Drive Systems8.5
AEA446Industrial Power Engineering Applications8.5
AEA447Measurement and Process Control8.5
AEA831Digital Signal Processing16.67
AEA833Image Processing and Computer Vision16.67
AEA835Artificial Intelligence16.67
AEA836Corporate Information and Telecommunication Networks16.67
AEA837Integrated Services Digital Networks16.67

Units offered by other departments:
KCA312Systems 16.67
KCA322Processor Architecture and Design *a*8.5
KCA419VLSI Design8.5
KEA432Geology for Engineers8.5
Approved units offered by the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science and listed in Group 3 of Schedule A of the degree of Bachelor of Science
A unit offered by another Faculty approved by the Academic Dean of Engineering & Surveying for this purpose.

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