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Graduate Diploma in Social Science (GradDipSocSc)

Not offered in 1996

Course code: R6C
The Graduate Diploma in Social Science course is offered on the Launceston campus. Currently only the specialisations offered by the Social Work Department are available.

The course may be completed in a minimum of one year by full-time study, or a maximum of two consecutive years by part-time study. Candidates whose study has been interrupted by illness or other reasonable cause may be permitted to complete the course over a period not exceeding one additional year in the case of a full-time candidate, and two additional consecutive years in the case of a part-time candidate.

Candidates may currently undertake studies in one of the following specialisations:
*Program Evaluation
*Advanced Interpersonal Theory and Practice

The relevant field of specialisation is indicated in the award of the Graduate Diploma. For instance, a diplomate who completed the specialisation in Program Evaluation would use the award abbreviation 'GradDipSocSc(ProgEval)'. The Graduate Diploma is awarded in one of two grades Pass, and Pass with Credit.

The Graduate Diploma in Social Science course enables candidates to pursue studies at a postgraduate level which will enhance their professional competence in their chosen vocation. As the course is open to graduates who have not qualified for admission to an Honours program it may serve as a bridge to later higher degree studies.

Admission requirements & prerequisites
To be admitted to the course applicants should have a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Tasmania, at an appropriate level (Credit results or better in units to a minimum value of 33.3% at the 200/300 levels) and should have completed two years of relevant field experience.

Applicants who have qualified for admission to another accredited social work course at an appropriate level, or to a four-year degree in a discipline cognate to social work, and who have completed two years of relevant field experience may also be accepted for admission. The same provision applies to applicants who have completed a three-year degree in a discipline cognate to social work except that such applicants must have gained three years of relevant field experience.

Course structure
To qualify for the award candidates are required to undertake one of the programs indicated below .

Program Evaluation
Four units as follows. Each unit carries a weight of 25%. All units are compulsory.
HWW701 Program Evaluation - The Design
HWW702Program Evaluation - The Process
HWW703Program Evaluation - The Product
HWW704Program Evaluation - The Outcome

Advanced Interpersonal Theory and Practice
Four units as follows. Each unit carries a weight of 25%. All units are compulsory.
HWW721Advanced Casework Practice
HWW723A Model of Practice
HWW724Group Facilitation

Course rules are detailed in the Rules Handbook.

Articulation with Master of Social Science degree course
In the case of the specialisation in Program Evaluation, candidates who complete the requirements for the Graduate Diploma may elect not to graduate but rather to proceed to Master's candidature by undertaking a research thesis. Reference should be made to the course entry for Master of Social Science.

General provisions
Candidates may not, without the consent of the Faculty, submit for examination for the Graduate Diploma any work which has previously been submitted for any degree or diploma. Candidates who fail to make satisfactory progress may be required by the Faculty to withdraw from the course or to repeat some or all of the work prescribed .

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