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Master of Social Science (MSocSc)

Note: continuing students in Library and Information Studies (which is being phased out) should refer to the Postgraduate Course and Unit Handbook, 1995.

Course code: R7E
The Master of Social Science course is offered on the Launceston campus. Currently the Social Work specialisation only is available.

The course may be completed in a minimum of one and a half years by full-time study or over three years by part-time study. Candidates whose study has been interrupted by illness or other reasonable cause may be permitted to complete their course over a longer period of time or to suspend their candidature.

Candidates may currently undertake studies in the following specialisation: Program Evaluation (Department of Social Work). A graduate completing the specialisation in Program Evaluation would use the abbreviated degree title 'MSocSc(ProgEval)'.

The Master of Social Science course enables candidates to pursue studies at a postgraduate level which will enhance their professional competence in their chosen vocation. The course can also act as a bridge to a research higher degree.

Admission requirements & prerequisites
To be admitted to the course, applicants must have qualified for admission to the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours of the University of Tasmania, or to the degree of Bachelor of Arts of the University of Tasmania not less than two years before the commencement of candidature for the degree of Master of Social Science.

Applicants who have been admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Arts of the University of Tasmania and who have been awarded a postgraduate diploma of the University, or who hold a degree or other qualification of another faculty of the University of Tasmania or of another university or tertiary institution which is equivalent to the above, may be considered for admission to the degree course.

Applicants for the degree in the field of Social Work should hold a first degree and have qualified at credit level for the award of Graduate Diploma in Social Science, or its equivalent from an approved tertiary institution, but should not have taken out the award.

Articulation with Graduate Diploma in Social Science
Those who have completed all requirements for the award of the Graduate Diploma in Social Science in Program Evaluation may elect to proceed to candidature for the Master of Social Science degree.

Such candidates must comply with the admission requirements set out above and must not take out the award of Graduate Diploma.

Course structure
The programs for the various specialisations are as follows. Candidates studying on a full-time basis would normally enrol in the specified units in their first year of study, and the thesis in their second . Candidates studying on a part-time basis would need to consult with the relevant department to determine the units in which they should enrol in their first and second years of study. All candidates studying on a part-time basis should enrol in the thesis in their third year of study.

Program Evaluation
Four units with a weight of 25% as for the Graduate Diploma in Social Science)
and a thesis (weight 25%).
HWW701 Program Evaluation - The Design
HWW702 Program Evaluation - The Process
HWW703 Program Evaluation - The Product
HWW704 Program Evaluation - The Outcome

HWW810 Master of Social Science (Program Evaluation) Thesis (Full time)
HWW811 Master of Social Science (Program Evaluation) Thesis (Part time - Year 1)
HWW812 Master of Social Science (Program Evaluation) Thesis(Part time - Year 2)

Course rules are detailed in the Rules Handbook.

General provisions
The Faculty may terminate candidature at any time on the grounds of unsatisfactory performance. In such cases candidates are first given the opportunity to make a case for consideration by the Faculty. A candidate who has passed some but not all of the coursework units prescribed may be permitted by Faculty to repeat the failed units.

Faculty may, in special circumstances, exempt a candidate from part of the formal coursework required for the degree on the basis of having satisfactorily completed equivalent postgraduate coursework at another institution.

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