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Bachelor of Economics with Honours (BEc(Hons))

Course code: C4E
This on-campus, 1-year full-time or 2-year part-time honours degree course is offered through the Department of Economics at Hobart.

Admission requirements & prerequisites
Bachelor of Economics (or equivalent approved qualification) with an average of distinction or higher in the units specified in Schedule A or their equivalent.

Course objectives
The aim of the honours year is to enable students to develop their interests further and to provide a foundation for postgraduate study in Economics.

Course structure
Candidates are required to complete four units of coursework selected, as far as possible, to match individual interests, and to write a dissertation under individual supervision.

They may pursue either a single course of study in Economics or a joint course in Economics and a subject area from another department approved by the Faculty. They may therefore choose all four elective units from the Department of Economics (as outlined in Schedule B, below) or two from Schedule B and two from the other department.

The award of honours is given in relation to the whole of the year's work. Grades of award are First Class; Second Class, upper division; Second Class, lower division; or Third Class.

See the following Schedule for details of the course. Candidates should also refer to the BEc with Honours degree rules which appear in full in the Rules Handbook. Full details of units may be obtained from the Department of Economics.

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