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Bachelor of Economics with Honours: Schedules

Note: For descriptions of the following Honours units, contact the Head of Department.

Schedule A
BEA300 Microeconomic Theory and Policy
BEA303 International Economics
BEA320 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
BEA342 Econometrics
Schedule B
BEA499 Bachelor of Economics with Honours Full time (Master course code for full-time program: Weight 100%)
BEA498 Bachelor of Economics with Honours Part time (Master course code for part-time program: Weight 50%)
BEA400 Microeconomics (compulsory unit)
BEA401 Economics of Natural Resources
BEA402 Regional Economic Modelling
BEA403 International Economics
BEA404 Public Economics
BEA405 Industrial Economics
BEA406 Labour Economics
BEA407 Microeconomic Reform
BEA410 Economic Thought
BEA411 Methods of Enquiry
BEA420 Macroeconomics(compulsory unit)
BEA442 Econometrics
BEA450 Special Option
BEA460 Dissertation (compulsory unit)

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