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Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Applied Science (Aquaculture)

Course Structure
  Bachelor of Applied Science Bachelor of Commerce
Year 1 sem 1 KJC161 Chemistry for Life Sciences BFA121 Business Information Systems
50%   or KJC103 Chem 1 BMA101 Introduction to Management
  KQA110 Zoology for Aquaculture
sem 2 KJC162 Intro to Biochemistry BMA141 Principles of Business Law
50%  or KJC103 Chem 1 BEA140 Quantitative Methods 1
  KQA121 Aquatic Ecology I
BFA101 -- BMA101 -- BMA141 -- BEA140 -- KJC161 -- KJC103 -- KQA110 -- KJC162 -- KQA121

  Bachelor of Applied Science Bachelor of Commerce
Year 2 sem 1 KXA165 Maths in Life Sciences 1 BFA101 Introductory Accounting A
50%  KXA122 Computer Applications BEA100 Principles of Economics 1
sem 2 KQA201 Intensive Algal Culture BFA102 Introductory Accounting B
50%   KQA122 Genetics BEA120 Principles of Economics 2
  KJO102 Science, Industry & Society
BFA101 -- BEA100 -- BFA102 -- BEA120 -- KXA165 -- KXA122 -- KQA201 -- KQA122 -- KJO102

  Bachelor of Applied Science Bachelor of Commerce
Year 3 sem 1 KJC103 Chem 1 *a* Major Unit 1
50%  or KJC263 Biochemistry 1
  KQA214 Technology for Aquaculture Major Unit 2
sem 2 KJC103 Chem 1 Major Unit 3
50%  or KJC263 Biochemistry 1
  Elective Major Unit 4
KJC103 -- KJC263 -- KQA214

  Bachelor of Applied Science Bachelor of Commerce
Year 4 sem 1 KQA207 General Microbiology Major Unit 5
50%  KQA212 Aquatic Ecology II Major Unit 6
sem 2 KQA318 Applied & Major Unit 7
  Environmental Microbiology
50%  KQA228 Intensive Crustacean and Major Unit 8
  Zooplankton Culture
KQA207 -- KQA212 -- KQA318 -- KQA228

  Bachelor of Applied Science Bachelor of Commerce
*b* Year 5  *b* KQA311 Practicum
50% sem 1 KQA330 Physiology of Aquatic Organisms *c* KQA319 Nutrition of Aquatic Organisms
  *c* KQA302 Scientific Analysis and
  KQA309 Aquatic Microbiology Presentation for Aquaculture
sem 2 KQA303 Intensive Molluscan Culture KQA320 Intensive Finfish Culture
50%  KQA321 Aquatic Animal Health Elective
KQA311 -- KQA309 -- KQA303 -- KQA321 -- KQA319 -- KQA302 -- KQA320

*a* Commerce majors may be selected from Management, Accounting, Marketing and International Business.
*b* Minimum of eight weeks during the summer break preceding Year 5.
*c* In the 5th year students will be undertaking only Aquaculture units.

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