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Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Computing (BCom-BComp)

Course code: C3F
The 5-year full-time combined degree of Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Computing is offered on the Hobart campus by the Faculty of Commerce & Economics and the Faculty of Science & Technology.

Admission requirements & prerequisites
Possession of the University's minimum entry requirements including in the case of Tasmanian school-leavers TCE MT730 Mathematics Applied or MT841 Mathematics Stage 2.

Course objectives
The objectives of the combined degrees are:
* to provide students with a solid foundation of the technical and professional body of knowledge of accounting, management, information systems, computer science and related subjects;
* to develop students' abilities to communicate, and to use computer-based technology to analyse critically the way in which information is gathered, maintained, processed and reported;
* to give students the opportunity to combine skills in computing technology and commerce related subjects in order to focus on how to improve systems for developing and presenting information that is used for decision making.

Course structure
To qualify for the combined degrees students must satisfy the compulsory requirements for the Bachelor of Commerce and the Bachelor of Computing.

Commerce majors may be selected from Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing and International Business.

The structure of the course is summarised in the following table shown as Course Structure and specified in the schedules of the two courses, as contained in the relevant faculty sections of this handbook. Refer also to the BCom and BComp degree specifications which are printed in full in the Rules Handbook.

Articulation with other courses
Students who have completed the Associate Diploma of Business and have been admitted to the course will receive one year of credit in Commerce. At present students holding the TAFE Associate Diploma of Business (Computing) may receive up to 75% credit in the first year of the BComp.

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