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An Introduction

The role of Faculty
The Faculty of Design is responsible for scholarship, teaching and research in architecture, town planning, and environmental design within the University. As such, it is responsible for the administration and control of the courses described below and for the admission, enrolment, progress and graduation of students in these courses.

The Faculty consists of the academic staff of the Departments of Architecture and Urban Design; representatives from other faculties and departments within the University; representatives of students who are studying in the Faculty; and members of the community outside the University who are concerned with architecture, planning and design. The Faculty is chaired by an elected Academic Dean, who is responsible for coordinating Faculty activities and for representing the Faculty on other University bodies.

Teaching and research
Teaching and research within the Faculty is conducted by two departments: the Department of Architecture in Launceston and the Department of Urban Design in Hobart. The Heads of Departments are responsible for all the activities in their respective departments.

Aims and objectives of Faculty courses
The Faculty offers professional design courses recognised by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects and the Royal Australian Planning Institute. The courses aim to produce graduates whose creative abilities are developed to a level of competence necessary to practise in the fields of architecture and town planning and related design disciplines. The courses incorporate a broad range of design activities, all intended to make our environment a better place in which to live and work.

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