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Bachelor of Environmental Design (BEnvDes)

Course code: D3A
This three-year degree course is offered by the Faculty of Design and is available, full time, on-campus through the Department of Architecture in Launceston and the Department of Urban Design in Hobart.

Admission requirements & prerequisites
The Faculty considers for admission students who have a broad academic background and a demonstrated interest in, commitment to and aptitude for design.

Apart from the University's general admission requirements, the Faculty of Design does not currently prescribe any additional prerequisites for the BEnvDes degree. HSC/TCE subjects preferably should not be restricted to a narrow discipline, but rather span two or more areas.

A limited number of quota places is available to applicants who do not meet the normal University entry requirements. Such applicants will be required to attend an interview and present a folio of creative work and/or demonstrate skills and knowledge that suggest they could successfully undertake the course.

Course objectives
The Bachelor of Environmental Design is seen primarily as a pre-professional course and thus aims to produce graduates whose creative abilities are developed to a level of competence necessary to gain admission to the Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Town Planning and equivalent courses in the fields of architecture, town planning and related design disciplines.

Course structure
The course structure is outlined in the following Schedule.

Course specifications
Course specifications or rules are detailed in the Rules Handbook.

Articulation with other courses
Applicants who have completed the Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Building and Architecture), which is offered by TAFE Tasmania, will be granted one year of credit towards the degree.

Applicants who have passed subjects or units in other approved courses (completed or otherwise) at another approved tertiary institution may have such studies credited towards the degree, provided that the Faculty may specify what more must be done to qualify for the degree.

Professional recognition
The course is a prerequisite for entry to the Bachelor of Architecture, which fulfils the academic requirements for membership of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. The course also provides an appropriate background for entry to the Master of Town Planning course, which fulfils the academic requirements for membership of the Royal Australian Planning Institute.

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