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Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3
Not being offered in 1996. Students needing to repeat units should contact the Head of Department.
Unit Code Unit Title Semester Weight

Year 4
Foundation Studies in Education 4 *a*- One of:
EBA401 Educational Psychology 4 [fy] 20
EBA402 Education and Society 4 [fy] 20
EBA403 Philosophy of Education 4 [fy] 20
EBA404 History of Education 4 [na] 20
School Experience 4 (6 weeks) *a*- Either EBA411 or EBA412
EBA411 Early Childhood Education [fy] 20
EBA412 Primary [fy] 20
Curriculum and Teaching Studies 4 *a*- Either EBA416 or EBA417
EBA416 Early Childhood Education [fy] 20
EBA417 Primary [fy] 20
The Arts in Education 4 *a*- One of:
EBA421 Music [fy] 20
EBA422 Art [fy] 20
EBA423 Drama [fy] 20
EBA424 Health and Physical Activity [fy] 20
Academic Study *a*- One of:
EBA431 Literature & Literacy [fy] 20
EBA432 Social Sciences in Education 4:Social Research and Action [fy] 20
EBA435 Mathematics in Education 4 [fy] 20
EBA433 Science in Education 4 [fy] 0
Students enrolling in EBA433 must also enrol in:-
EBA237 Living with Technology: Resources [1] 10
KZA135 Tasmanian Animals - An Introductory Course [2] 10

*a* Compulsory

Honours - See 'Unit details' section - EBA438

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