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Bachelor of Education (BEd) - Launceston

Course code: E3A
This on-campus 4-year (minimum) full-time, or equivalent part-time, course is offered by the Faculty of Education at the Launceston campus.

Admission requirements & prerequisites
Minimum University entry requirements apply. Applicants may have to attend an interview, take certain tests, and take part in other selected activities. For example, in some specialist areas in the secondary streams, such as English, Speech and Drama, students have to undergo specific evaluation processes, which are designed to ensure, as far as possible, that applicants are able to complete the course.

Course objectives
The Bachelor of Education prepares students for teaching appointments in early childhood (kindergarten, prep, Grade 1 and 2), primary, secondary or college situations. Specialist teachers are prepared for secondary schools and colleges in the following areas:

* English, Speech and Drama
* Mathematics and Science
* Technology Education
In addition to these specialist secondary programs there are several others as detailed in the accompanying schedules which are offered to students who began prior to 1994.

Course structure
Within all specialisations in the Bachelor of Education students undertake a course of study that includes the following elements:
* Liberal Studies within which there is a major study
* Education Studies
* School Experience
* Curriculum Studies
A student who completes the first three years of the course with sufficient merit may be permitted to continue into the fourth year as an Honours candidate. Such a student will complete many of the normal coursework requirements of the degree together with an Honours Dissertation.

Articulation with other courses
Students who have undertaken an appropriate course at another Australian, overseas institution or TAFE college may receive credit for such study. Applications for credit can be made following admission to the Bachelor of Education course.

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