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Bachelor of Education (BEd)(In Service)

Course code: E3B
This course is offered by the Faculty of Education at Hobart and Launceston, mainly as on-campus part-time study during evenings, at summer schools and at workshops. The duration of the course is determined by an Admissions Committee, and depends on the status or credit granted.

Admission requirements & prerequisites
Normal University admission requirements apply. Applicants wishing to attend summer schools should ask the Assistant or Sub-Dean on the relevant campus for full details.

Applicants must submit details of their qualifications and work experience so that the Committee can make an assessment of their standing.

Course objectives
By studying the Bachelor of Education as an In-Service candidate, teachers are able to upgrade their qualifications while continuing in their employment.

The course is designed to assist teachers to study subjects leading to the award of Bachelor of Education or to enable them to further their professional development.

Course structure
In accordance with the decisions made by the Admissions Committee students will select the required number of units from the schedule of subjects for this award. All students must complete a piece of extended and independent study on an approved topic. This can take the form of a special study, education project or research investigation.

The units offered at Hobart and Launceston are listed in the following schedules.

The Department of Education at Launceston offers a number of continuing education studies designed to accommodate the working teacher. The units listed in the schedule as being offered in 1996 depend on enrolments and staff availability.

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