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Bachelor of Geomatics

Candidates for the degree shall pass all of the units prescribed for either the Land Surveying stream or the Spatial Information Systems stream. However, the Academic Dean may, with the approval of the relevant Heads of Department, in a special case, allow a candidate to substitute another unit for a unit which has been prescribed.

Bachelor of Geomatics: Schedule A

Unit CodeUnit TitleSemesterWeightPrerequisites
Year 1 (First Examination)
ASG140 Geomatics 1 [fy] 33.33
KCA173 Information Processing 1 [fy] 25
KMA102 Calculus & Linear Algebra 1 [fy] 25 TCE Mathematics Stage 2
KYA142 Applied Physics (Geomatics) [fy] 16.67 TCE Physical Sciences
Year 2 (Second Examination)
ASG205 Earth Sciences [na] 10
ASG220 Geomatics 2a: Surveying [na] 10 KCA173, KMA102, ASG140
ASG230 Geomatics 2b: Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry [na] 10 KCA173, KMA102, ASG140
ASG240 Geomatics 2c: Spatial Data Storage & Manipulation [na] 10 KCA173, KMA102, ASG140
ASG250 Geomatics 2d: Cartography and Graphics [na] 10 KCA173, KMA102, ASG140
ASG260 Geomatics 2e: Transformations and Projections [na] 10 KCA173, KMA102, ASG140
ASG270 Geomatics 2f: Analysis of Observations [na] 10 KCA173, KMA102, ASG140
KCA280 Information Systems 2 [na] 15 KCA173
KMA- Computational Techniques & Linear Algebra [na] 15 KMA102 or KMA105
Year 3 (Third Examination)
ACM300 Project Management & Practice [na] 16.67
ASG306 Professional Development [na] 8.33 ASG220, 230, 240, 250, 260, 270
ASG320 Geomatics 3a: Surveying [na] 16.67 ASG220, 240, 260, 270
ASG330 Geomatics 3b: Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry [na] 25 ASG220, 230, 260, 270
ASG340 Geomatics 3c: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) [na] 16.67 ASG240, 250, 260
ASG350 Geomatics 3d: Geodesy [na] 16.67 ASG220, 260, 270
Year 4 (Fourth Examination)
Land Surveying Stream
ACM405 Municipal Engineering for Surveyors [na] 10
ASG401 Professional Experience [na] 50 Third Examination
ASG405 Land Development Planning [na] 17.5
ASG407 Land Law [na] 7.5 Third Examination
ASG415 Cadastral Studies [na] 7.5 Third Examination
ASG425 Surveying Practice [na] 7.5 Third Examination
Spatial Information Systems Stream
ASG401 Professional Experience [na] 50 Third Examination
ASG430 Spatial Data Structures and Data Bases [na] 12.5 Third Examination
ASG435 Spatial Analysis [na] 12.5 Third Examination
ASG440 Digital Mapping [na] 12.5 Third Examination
ASG445 Geographic Information Systems Project [na] 12.5 Third Examination

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