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Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering (BSc-BE)

Course code: N3C
This 5-year (minimum) full-time course is offered by the Faculties of Engineering and Surveying, and Science and Technology at the Hobart campus.

Admission requirements & prerequisites
The intention of the combined degrees is to cater for students with a demonstrated aptitude in physics, mathematics and engineering. Recent changes in the first year of the engineering course to make it more relevant to the majority of engineering students and the increasing pressures on the engineering and science timetables have severely restricted the ability of the two Faculties to offer satisfactory combined programs.

Only students who have credits in mathematics and physics at advanced secondary level and who obtain Distinctions or higher in ACM100 Engineering Fundamentals and KMA102 Calculus and Linear Algebra 1 will be considered for the combined degrees. Enrolment in the course will require a timetable overload and the approval of the Academic Dean.

Course objectives
The Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering combined degrees provide an opportunity for the gifted student to study not only Engineering units but to study in a selected field of science at an in-depth level with a view to a future career in research.

Course structure
Students are required to complete -
* the four examinations of the Bachelor of Engineering degree; and they
* must either complete 36 points of Group 3 units from the BSc Schedule A or at least 48 points from Group 1 (not more than 18 points), 2 and 3 units in the BSc Schedule A, which units must include one new major subject.

Students' choice of units must conform to the Specifications (Rules) of both the BE and BSc degrees. They may be permitted to proceed to Bachelor of Science with Honours, or Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, or both in the combined degrees of Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering.

Students should refer to the information in the specimen degree courses which are outlined in the preceding pages.

Choices outside Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science will be difficult due to timetable constraints.

Articulation with other courses
There is no formal articulation other than by gaining credit for work completed in another degree.

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