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Bachelor of Technology (Manufacturing Technology) (BTech)

Course code: N3F
This 3-year degree course is offered by the Faculty of Engineering & Surveying at Hobart. It may be studied full time or part time, and is taught jointly by TAFE and the University. Students complete their initial studies in an Engineering Associate Diploma offered by TAFE, after which they continue at the University.

Admission requirements & prerequisites
Applicants would normally hold a TAFE Associate Diploma in Mechanical or Manufacturing Engineering.

Course objectives
The Bachelor of Technology leads to a para-professional qualification designed to satisfy the requirements of the Institution of Engineers Australia for affiliate membership.

Course objectives are -
* to provide a sound basis in mathematics, the basic sciences and engineering sciences and management; and
* to produce engineering technologists who will work in collaboration with more experienced engineering technologists, or assist professional engineers to undertake tasks which require accuracy and adherence to prescribed methods of analysis, design or computation.

Course structure
The Bachelor of Technology is a 3 year degree. Entry is normally at advanced standing with an Associate Diploma and requires the equivalent of a further 1.6 years of University study.

The degree is normally completed on a part-time basis over 6 years (including the TAFE component).

A specimen course is outlined below.

Articulation with other courses
After successful completion of the Bachelor of Technology, students may elect to continue their study and articulate to the fully professional degree of Bachelor of Engineering with studies to the equivalent of a further 1.8 years of study.

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