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Bachelor of Technology (Electronics & Computers) (BTech)

Course code: N3G
This 3-year degree course, which may be studied full time or part time, is offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Surveying at Hobart.

Admission requirements & prerequisites
In addition to satisfying the normal University admission requirements, students entering from TCE Year 12 must have obtained a Satisfactory Achievement (SA) result or higher in Mathematics Stage II (MT841) and Physics (PH866).

Students who meet the University admission requirements but have completed Mathematics Applied (MT730) and Applied Science - Physical Science (SC786) instead of Mathematics Stage II (MT841) will be required to successfully complete the unit - AEA120 Bridging Course for Technologists - as part of the course in order to strengthen their background in the mathematics and physics areas.

Students without the above prerequisites are advised to first undertake a TAFE Associate Diploma in Electrical Engineering. If successfully completed, students may then apply for admission with advanced standing.

Course objectives
The course is designed to produce graduates who meet the admission requirements of the Institution of Engineers Australia for affiliate membership. The Faculty of Engineering & Surveying is presently seeking course accreditation by the Institution of Engineers Australia.

The course objectives are:
* to provide a sound basis in the physical sciences, mathematics and basic engineering sciences in the early part of the course; and
* to provide specialist technical knowledge in a branch of engineering in the latter stages of the course.

Course structure
The course is designed as a three year post secondary full-time course. Part-time study may be undertaken in conjunction with suitable employment for part or all of the course.

The first year of the course has a considerable amount in common with the Bachelor of Engineering in order to maintain maximum flexibility for students. Years 2 and 3 allow many options for a student to tailor an individual course while maintaining a technology emphasis.

For further details on the course structure, students should refer to the schedule below.

Articulation with other courses
Articulation from a TAFE Associate Diploma (Electrical Engineering) is a specific design feature of the course and holders of this award may be granted up to three semesters advanced standing in the course. After successful completion of the Bachelor of Technology, students may also elect to continue their study and articulate to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in the appropriate area.

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