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Bachelor of Surveying (BSurv)

Course code: N3D
This 4-year (minimum) full-time or part-time course is offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Surveying. From semester 1 1996, the Bachelor of Surveying will be replaced by the Bachelor of Geomatics. All new students should refer to that section of the Handbook.

Students already enrolled in the Bachelor of Surveying will be able to complete their course, as described below. Alternatively, students who wish to apply to transfer to the Bachelor of Geomatics should contact the Head of Department of Surveying and Spatial Information Science.

Commencing in 1996, there will be no further intake into the Bachelor of Surveying.

Course objectives
The aim of the Bachelor of Surveying is to prepare students for employment in vocations requiring knowledge of the spatial information sciences, including:
* cadastral surveying *(Additional study is required after graduation) measuring and defining land ownership boundaries
* engineering and mining surveying spatial control for projects such as roads and bridges
* spatial information systems computer management of spatial information
* photogrammetry and remote sensing mapping and data analysis from aircraft and near-earth satellites
* geodetic surveying using terrestrial and/or satellite data for positioning
* hydrographic surveying *(Additional study is required after graduation) measuring and mapping in a marine environment

To achieve this aim, the courses impart to students:
* an understanding of the scientific principles underlying the spatial information sciences;
* a knowledge of the way in which these principles are implemented in current surveying and mapping technology;
* appropriate scientific analysis, problem solving and design skills;
* appropriate communication skills;
* a general knowledge of associated disciplines that will facilitate communication and professional interaction; and
* an appreciation of the professional standards and practices of relevant professional institutions.

Course structure
The Bachelor of Surveying may be undertaken in one of two areas of specialisation: Land Surveying or Computer Technology. Each consists of three years of academic study and one compulsory year of professional experience taken at the end of the first year.

An Honours degree requiring one year of additional study is available to students who complete the Bachelor degree with sufficient merit.

Specimen courses are outlined in the pages that follow.

Professional recognition
The degree is recognised by the Institution of Surveyors, Australia as providing qualification for associate membership of the Institution.

Computer Technology graduates are also eligible for membership of the Australian Computer Society.

For registration as authorised surveyors by the Tasmanian Surveyors' Board, graduates who have specialised in Land Surveying must also complete two years of supervised practical experience and pass the Board's oral and practical examinations. The second year of the course may count towards the professional experience required by the Board.

Graduates of the Computer Technology specialisation who wish to proceed towards registration must also complete the two coursework units: Land Development Planning and Municipal Engineering for Surveyors.

Further information is available from the Head of Department.

Articulation with other courses
Students may be granted credit if they have completed equivalent work in other institutions. For example, students who have successfully completed the TAFE Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Surveying) will be granted credit for ASA120 Surveying Science 1 and ASA125 Surveying Techniques 1.

If students have 12 months or more of appropriate work experience they may also be granted credit for ASA201 Professional Experience and ASA202 Surveying Techniques 2.

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