Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

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The departments

Department of Classics
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 2288
Head of Department - Dr PJ Davis

Department of English
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 2347
Head of Department - Dr J Wall

Department of History
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 2298
Head of Department - Prof RM Thomson

Department of Humanities
Secretary (Ltn) ph (002) 20 3223
Head of Department - Prof CC Macknight

Department of Modern Languages
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 2342
Head of Department - Dr B Peeters

Department of Philosophy
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 2255
Head of Department - Prof J Garfield

Department of Political Science
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 2331
Head of Department - Prof JS Cotton

Department of Psychology
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 2237
Head of Department - Prof CJ Pratt

Department of Social Work
Secretary (Ltn) ph (003) 24 3946
Head of Department - Assoc Prof MH Todd

Department of Sociology
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 2338
Head of Department - Assoc Prof G Easthope

For further information on courses offered by the Faculty and admission requirements contact the Course Information Officer at Hobart on (002) 20 2543, or Launceston on (003) 24 3782. Specific enquiries about the course structure and standing in the course can be addressed to the Faculty Executive Officer (002) 20 2248. Application for Admission forms are available from Student Administration on both campuses. The closing date for applications is mid October for the following academic year.

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