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Bachelor of Arts: Schedule of Units - Hobart & Launceston
Note: Unit Weight represents the proportion (%) of a normal full-time study load, and is used for calculating the services and amenities fee and the Higher Education Contribution. For information on prerequisites, corequisites, mutual exclusions, see individual unit descriptions in the 'Unit details' section.

Department/DisciplineUnit CodeUnit TitleSemesterWeight
Year 1 - Group 1 (Level 100)
Note: students need to study at least 2 and no more than 4 units from Group 1.
Note also that internal students may enrol in units offered by distance education.
Administration HSD100 Administration 1 (Arts) [fy] 25
Ancient Civilisations HCA100 Ancient Civilisations 1 [fy] 25
Ancient Greek HCG100 Ancient Greek 1 [na] 25
Asian Studies HAS100 Asian Studies 1 [fy] 25
Chinese HMC100 Chinese 1 [fy] 25
English HEA100 English 1 [fy] 25
French HMF100 French 1 [fy] 25
Geography KGA100 Geography & Environmental Studies 1 [fy] 25
KGA101 Geography & Environmental Studies 1A [fy] 25
German HMG100 German 1 [fy] 25
History HTA100 History 1 [fy] 25
Indonesian HMN100 Indonesian 1 [fy] 25
Italian HMT100 Italian 1 [fy] 25
Japanese HMJ100 Japanese 1 [fy] 25
Latin HCL100 Latin 1 [fy] 25
Philosophy HPA100 Philosophy 1 [fy] 25
Political Science HSA100 Political Science 1 [fy] 25
Psychology HYA100 Psychology 1 [fy] 25
Sociology HGA100 Sociology 1 [fy] 25
Aboriginal Studies HHB101 Aboriginal Australia *a* [fy] 25
Asian Studies HHS101 Introduction to Southeast Asia [fy] 25
English HHE101 Introduction to English *a* [fy] 25
History HHH101 Introducing History *a* [fy] 25
Indonesian Introductory Indonesian [fy] 25
HHN102 Introductory Indonesian A *b* [fy] 12.5
HHN112 Introductory Indonesian B *b* [fy] 12.5
Philosophy HHP101 Introduction to Philosophy *a* [fy] 25
Psychology HWP101 Introduction to Psychology A *a* [1] 12.5
HWP102 Introduction to Psychology B *a* [2] 12.5
Sociology HWS101 Sociology 1: Introduction to Sociology *a* [1] 12.5
HWS102 Sociology 2: Sociological Theory *a* [2] 12.5

*a* Also available by distance education
*b* Available at the North West Centre only
[fy] = full year
[na] = not offered in 1996

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Details shown above were correct at the time of publication. While every effort is made to keep this information up to date, the University reserves the right to discontinue or vary courses at any time without notice.