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Bachelor of Social Work, Schedule A

Unit CodeUnit TitleSemesterWeight
Year 1

HWW301 Interpersonal Theory and Practice 1 [1] 12.5
HWW302 Social Policy [1] 12.5
HWW303 Social Work Practice and Theory [1] 12.5
HWW304 Research Processes in Social Work [1] 12.5
HWW305 Social Work Practicum 1A [1] 5
HWW306 Social Work Practicum IB [2] 45
Year 2
HWW401 Community Work Practice [1] 12.5
HWW402 Social Work Practice and the Law [1] 12.5
HWW403 Organisational Context and Administrative Practice [1] 12.5
HWW404 Interpersonal Theory andPractice 2 [1] 12.5
HWW405 Social Work Practicum 2 [1&2] 50

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