Faculty of Science & Technology

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The departments

Department of Agricultural Science
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 2620
Head of Department - Prof RJ Clark

Department of Applied Computing & Mathematics
Secretary (Ltn) ph (003) 24 3469
Head of Department - Assoc Prof YJ Choi

Department of Aquaculture
Secretary (Ltn) ph (003) 24 3801
Head of Department - Prof AW Osborn

Department of Chemistry
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 7886
Head of Department - Professor A Canty

Department of Computer Science
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 2900
Head of Department - Dr A Adams (Hbt)

Department of Geography & Environmental Studies
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 2463
Head of Department - Prof JB Kirkpatrick

Department of Geology
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 2476
Head of Department - Prof RR Large

Department of Mathematics
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 2439
Head of Department - Dr PG Trotter

Department of Physical Sciences
Secretary (Ltn) ph (003) 24 3830
Head of Department - Assoc Prof DC McWilliam

Department of Physics
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 2402
Head of Department - Dr JE Humble

Department of Plant Science
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 2603
Head of Department - Dr R Crowden (Acting Head, to 1 July 1996), Prof RS Hill

Department of Zoology
Secretary (Hbt) ph (002) 20 2613
Head of Department - Assoc Prof RWG White

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