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Associate Diploma of Applied Science in Aquaculture (AssocDipAppScAq)

Course code: S1A
This two-year, full-time course is offered by the Faculty of Science and Technology and is available at Launceston. Subject to attendance and timetable requirements, part-time enrolment may be possible .

Admission requirements & prerequisites
University admission. There are no specific TCE subject prerequisites.

Course objectives
This course aims to produce aquacultural technicians who have a sound understanding of the scientific bases of aquaculture as well as advanced technical skills. In addition to fostering reliability, the course emphasises the development of skills which lead to independence in the work place and the ability to work in a team situation. Theoretical, technical and practical training is complemented by a minimum of two weeks of work experience in industry.

Course structure
The Associate Diploma of Applied Science in Aquaculture is a 2 year course (4 semesters) in which students are required to undertake core and elective studies in a range of disciplines, in physical sciences, business, applied science and aquaculture.

Schedule A, below, outlines the sequence of units for each semester.

Articulation with other courses
Credit for appropriate studies completed in TAFE and other university courses may be granted by the Faculty.

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