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Bachelor of Applied Science - Schedule 3 - Biology Major

Prerequisites: Normal BAppSc requirements.

Unit CodeUnit TitleSemesterWeight
Year 1
KQA113 Fauna of Tasmania [1] 12.5
KQA122 Genetics [2] 12.5
Year 2
KQA205 Plant Physiology [1] 12.5
KQA227 Forest Ecosystems *a* [2] 12.5
Year 3
KQA307 Agroforestry *b* [fy] 25
KQA308 Plant Biotechnology *c* [fy] 25

*a* In 1996, students enrol in KQA122 Genetics.
*b* Agroforestry : double unit combining previous units of Agroforestry and Applied Mycology.
*c* Plant Biotechnology: double unit combining previous units of Plant Tissue Culture and Genetic Engineering.

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