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Bachelor of Applied Science - Schedule 5 - Chemistry Major

Specialisation in Chemistry is available through a professionally accredited 12 unit Chemistry major. Students not wishing to pursue this expanded major may choose an 8 unit general Chemistry major.

(i) Chemistry Major (Professional)

This major provides a sound theoretical basis in chemistry which is enhanced by relevant industrial and biological applications, and meets the academic requirements for membership of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. Membership regulations require, in addition to the Chemistry units, either first year Physics or first year Mathematics.

Prerequisites: Normal BAppSc requirements, but including TCE CH856 Chemistry and TCE MT841 Mathematics Stage 2. Bridging units are available for students who lack specific prerequisites.

Unit CodeUnit TitleSemesterWeight
Year 1
KJC103 Chemistry 1 [fy] 25
Year 2
KJC231 Organic Chemistry 2 [1] 12.5
KJC221 Inorganic Chemistry 2 [1] 12.5
KJC212 Analytical Chemistry 2 [2] 12.5
KJC242 Physical Chemistry 2 [2] 12.5
Year 3
KJC341 Physical Chemistry 3 [1] 12.5
KJC311 Instrumental Chemistry 3 [1] 12.5
KJC353 Science Project (Chemistry) [fy] 25
KJC263 Biochemistry 1 *a* [fy] 25
KJC322 Inorganic Chemistry 3 [2] 12.5
KJC332 Organic Chemistry 3 [2] 12.5

*a* Recommended elective.

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