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Bachelor of Aviation Studies (BAvnStud)

Course code: S3J
This 3 year full-time course is offered by the Faculty of Science and Technology at Launceston, and is available only to full-fee paying overseas students.

Admission requirements & prerequisites
Normal University entrance requirements, but including TCE PH866 Physics and TCE MT841 Mathematics Stage 2 or their equivalents. A score of 6 on all bands of IELTS or its equivalent is required for overseas students. A medical examination of the standard required by the Australian Civil Aviation Authority is necessary.

Course objectives
To prepare graduates for a career in commercial airlines or general aviation by providing the appropriate knowledge and aeronautical skill essential in operating modern, high technology aircraft. This broad educational program aims to provide the basis for development and progression to the many varied professional pilot, supervisory, managerial and technical positions within the aviation industry.

Course structure
The Bachelor of Aviation Studies is a 3 year course involving majors in Aviation Science and either Business or Marketing, flying units equivalent to a minor and 4 additional units. The flying training and practical components are conducted off-campus outside the formal teaching semesters.

Articulation with other courses
Candidates with flying experience may be granted credit (not exceeding the equivalent of one semester's work) for professional qualifications.

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