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Engineering Units - 1996

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Engineering at Hobart and Launceston

Engineering is taught by the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering at Hobart (units coded ACC and ACM); the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Hobart (units coded AEA); and the Department of Engineering at Launceston (units coded ANP and ANT).

Engineering (Civil) at Hobart

ACC213 Structural Mechanics 1

Is basic to many engineering fields, and introduces students to the fundamental concepts and theories of the elastic behaviour of solid bodies subjected to various types of loading. A thorough understanding of mechanical behaviour is essential for the safe design of structures, whether buildings and bridges, machines and motors, submarines and ships, or aeroplanes and antennas. Studies cover concepts of stress and strain; axial load problems; stresses in connections: internal forces in bar structures; properties of cross-sections; elastic bending - stresses and deflection; shearing stresses in beams; combined bending and axial force; built up beams; statically indeterminate beams; pure torsion; columns.

Special notes
teaching staff Dr E Melerski
campus & mode Hbt, int
unit weight [9% (BSc 3pts)]
teaching pattern sem 2 - 26 lectures, 13 tutorials, 18 hrs laboratory
prerequisites KMA102 and ACM100
corequisites ACM216
mutual exclusions
method of assessment exam (75%); practical work (15%); test (10%)
required texts, etc
either Popov EP, Engineering Mechanics of Solids,  Prentice-Hall,
or Gere JM and Timoshenko SP, Mechanics of Materials,  3rd SI edn, Van Nostrand Reinhold (International).

recommended reading
Course: Bachelor of Science Schedule (S3G)
Bachelor of Engineering (N3A)
Bachelor of Technology (Manufacturing Technology) (N3F)

Staff of the Department of Civil & Mechanical Engineering
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