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Community and Rural Health Units - 1996

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CLA205 Community Health and Medicine 2

Builds on CLA105, encouraging students to see health, illness, and medical care in terms of the individual being treated, building on their interpersonal and communication skills; and developing a hierarchical concept of health and health care. Studies include: the role of the behavioural sciences in medicine; verbal and nonverbal communication, including contact with people with special needs, and the principles of health promotion and patient education; stress, coping strategies, and social support in relation to specific diseases and illnesses; the theory and practice of counselling; demographic risk factors in vulnerability to disease; an introduction to clinical epidemiology; the historical development and current role of 'public health'; and a more detailed examination of morbidity in the community. Students continue contact with families encountered in the first year; and are given: further opportunities to develop skills in communicating with patients with special needs; a forum to debate current ethical dilemmas in modern medicine; contact with a surgical patient before, during, and following hospitalisation; and practical experience in the work of a general practitioner and of a dispensing pharmacist.

Special notes
teaching staff (Coordinator) Mr S Lockwood
campus & mode Hbt, int
unit weight [25%]
teaching pattern full year - 84 hrs of lectures, and 84 hrs of practical, tutorials, and experiential learning in the community
prerequisites CHG100, CLA105, KRA140, KYA151
mutual exclusions
method of assessment work assigned during the year (40%), and assessment early in sem 2 (20%) formal end-of-year exam (40%)
required texts, etc
In addition to prescribed journal articles and specially extracted material which will be reserved for students' use, the following texts are recommended and prescribed
Sachs O, The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat,  Picador, London 1988.
Harper AC, The Health of Populations: An Introduction,  2nd edn, Churchill-Livingstone, Melbourne, 1994.
Blaxner M, Health and Lifestyles,  Tavistock/Routledge, London 1989.

recommended reading
Course: Bachelor of Medicine-Bachelor of Surgery (M3B)

Staff of the Division of Community & Rural Health
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