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Woodskills aims to develop both the hand and machine skills which enable students to work competently with wood and related furniture-making materials. The program covers the use of basic tools and cabinetmaking construction techniques, and introduces wood technology. While it is not a formal corequisite, Woodskills is a complement to Furniture Design.

FSW150 Woodskills 1A

Introduces students to a southern Tasmanian forest, and to alternative ways of using this resource; for example, through using veneer and laminations, thus conserving resources, through the use of non-commercial species, and through the use of tree portions discarded by current logging practice. Within the context of 'making'-projects, students then learn to identify Tasmanian timber species' (common names), and are instructed in: (a) timber conversion, seasoning and finishing; (b) correct methods of woodmachining (including the use of wood-turning lathes); (c) the use and maintenance of hand-tools; (d) the development of skills in relation to joinery and common cabinetmaking wood joints - how to identify, set-out, apply and execute them; (e) the cultivation of a quality standard of workmanship; and (f) tasks which develop an appreciation of wood and wood products (veneer, plywood, etc.).

Special notes enrolment restrictions may apply in 1996
teaching staff Mr KW Perkins
campus & mode Hbt, int
unit weight [25%]
teaching pattern full year - 5 hrs a week (28 weeks)
mutual exclusions
method of assessment
required texts, etc Walton JA, Woodwork in Theory and Practice, 6th edn, Random House, Canberra, 1993.

recommended reading
Course: Bachelor of Fine Arts (F3E)

Staff of the School of Art (Hobart)

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