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Sociology Units - 1996

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HGA400 Honours in Sociology (full time)
HGA401 Honours in Sociology (part time)

Coordinator: Dr A Franklin.
There are two alternative patterns of Honours program:

Pattern A

(a)One semester of supervised reading on a topic selected by the student in consultation with an appropriate member of staff, to be assessed in June (15%) - leading into (d).
(b)A half-year seminar in 'Theory Construction and Research Design' focusing on precision in theory formulation, the working of concepts and the problems of objectivity (15%).
(c)A half-year seminar on 'Processes and Institutions in Contemporary Society', reviewing processes of social change with reference to research undertaken in the department (15%).
(d)A 'Research Project Supervision' consisting of regular meetings between students and their principal supervisors, conducted throughout the second half of the year and aimed at monitoring the progress of research projects and thesis preparation - not assessed separately from (f).
(e)A 'Research Workshop' consisting of regular meetings in the second half of the year during which Honours students discuss research problems, upgrade their research skills and report on the progress of their projects - not assessed separately from (f).br>
(f)A thesis with a maximum length of 12,000 words based on the student's own research, and an oral examination (55%).

Pattern B

(a)A seminar; either the seminar in 'Theory Construction and Research Design' or 'Processes and Institutions in Contemporary Society' (10%).
(b)Six coursework modules to be assessed by exercises and examination (40%). The modules are: (1) Data Collection Techniques; (2) Measurement and Scaling; (3) Multivariate Statistical Analysis; (4) Advanced Data Visualisation; (5) Modelling and Simulation; (6) Evaluation
(c)Supervised reading in a substantive area which provides a focus for a literature review leading to a research project - not assessed separately from (d)
(d)An empirical research project of 10,000 words (50%) consisting of:
(i)a literature review and research proposal of 5,000 words (semester 1); and
(ii)a research report of 5,000 words which involves an empirical investigation of the research problem identified in the research proposal (semester 2).

Special notes
teaching staff
campus & mode Hbt, int
unit weight [100% / 50%]
teaching pattern
prerequisites (1) A major in Sociology including HGA201 Theories of Modern Society, HGA301 Modern Sociological Analysis and HGA203/303 Social Research.
(2) The department expects that intending Honours students will normally have completed the following units, and retains the right to require that any deficiency be made good during the Honours year.
(a) {HGA204/304 Quantitative Research Methods or
{HGA230/330 Qualitative Research Methods 3
(b) HGA205/305 Social and Cultural Change in Contemporary Society.
Entry into Honours is subject to performance levels as indicated in the Rules of the Bachelor of Arts with Honours that can be found in the separate Rules Handbook.
Honours prerequisites will change for 1997 to reflect the changes to the major in 1996. Please see the Honours Coordinator for further information.

mutual exclusions
method of assessment
required texts, etc
recommended reading

Course: Bachelor of Arts (R3A)

Staff of the Department of Sociology
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