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The Department of Modern Languages at Hobart offers two undergraduate courses in Japanese:

1) Associate Diploma in Modern Languages (Japanese),
for those with or without degrees who wish to upgrade their language competence. Students must consult the head of the Japanese section before enrolling. They will need to have successfully completed HMJ100 or TCE Japanese Stage 4 (HA) The course consists of two or three years part time and involves 40% at 200 level in Japanese, 50% at 300 level in Japanese, and 10% in another relevant unit.

2) Major/Honours in Japanese for students enrolled in a Bachelor degree.
The student who has successfully completed the major (i.e. to third year) will have competence in speaking current standard Japanese and in reading modern books, journals and newspapers.
HMJ100 and HMJ201, 202 are intended to give the student control of the standard language in both its written and spoken forms. Oral drills and video classes have a place in the course alongside study of the Japanese writing system and the reading of texts in modern Japanese.
The third year units HMJ306-308 build on these skills and develop the students' ability to express themselves both in written and in spoken Japanese. The third year units HMJ331-334 are designed to advance the students' knowledge of Japanese literature and culture as well as develop skills in using technical, scientific and business Japanese. These units must be taken by students wishing to proceed to an honours degree in Japanese (Japanese 4).
Students intending to do a double major in Japanese should discuss this with the head of the Japanese section. All Japanese courses can be taken in the day or evening.
Native speakers of Japanese should consult the head of the Japanese section concerning their enrolment in Japanese.

Units offered in 1996

First year (100 level)

Second year (200 level)
HMJ100 or TCE Japanese Stage 4 (HA)
HMJ20220%HMJ201 is a prerequisite or corequisite of HMJ202

Third year (300 level)
HMJ30620%HMJ201, 202
HMJ30720%HMJ201, 202
HMJ308 10%HMJ201, 202
HMJ33110%HMJ201 (DN), HMJ202 (DN) Corequisite: HMJ306-308
HMJ33210%same as HMJ331
HMJ33310%same as HMJ331
HMJ33420%same as HMJ331

N.B. Students from other faculties may take the following unit from the fourth year honours course: HMJ402 Technical & Business Japanese B 12.5% Corequisite: HMJ332.
First year students with the appropriate language background may, upon the recommendation of the head of the Japanese section, be accepted into the second year Japanese course.
Students undertaking a major in Japanese may progress according to one of the following two routes:

Route (a):
HMJ100 (25%), HMJ201 and HMJ202 (total 40%), HMJ306-308 (total 50%);

Route (b):
40% at 200 level; and 70% at 300 level (taken over not less than two years).

Students undertaking a double major in Japanese will be required to take, in addition to their major in Japanese, a further 50% at level 300 of Japanese.

a)Degree students may not enrol in a lower and a higher level of the same language concurrently.
b)Degree students may not enrol in a lower level after they have passed a higher level of the same language.

A double major in Japanese, including two distinctions and two credits in HMJ300 units and two credits and two passes in HMJ330 units, is required for entry into Japanese 4. Faculty prerequisites also apply.

Unit descriptions

HMJ100 Japanese

Develops competence in basic spoken and written Japanese.

Special notes
teaching staff Ms M Iwashita, Mrs T Ueki-Sabine, Ms F Maejima
campus & mode Hbt, int
unit weight [25%]
teaching pattern full year - 4x1-hour lectures, 2x1-hour tutorials a week (26 weeks)
mutual exclusions
method of assessment weekly exercises (20%); continuous assessment of aural/oral work (10%); midyear oral exam (5%), 2-hour exam in June (15%), final aural/oral (10%), 2x2-hour exams in Nov (40%).
required texts, etc
recommended reading

Course: Bachelor of Arts (R3A)

Staff of the Department of Modern Languages
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Details shown above were correct at the time of publication. While every effort is made to keep this information up to date, the University reserves the right to discontinue or vary courses at any time without notice.

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