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Administration Units - 1996

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HSD400 Administration 4 (Honours) Full time
HSD401 Administration 4 (Honours) Part time (over two years)

The full-time course consists of three units, taken in semester 1, and a dissertation of 15,000 words on a subject approved by the Head of Department, to be submitted early in November. Students undertaking the part-time course should plan their course in consultation with the Head of Department. Students are required to take HSD402 Theory and Methodology [10%], HSD403 Dissertation [50%] and two of the following units, all of which are weighted 20%:
HSD410 Polar and Oceans Policy
Dr HR Hall, Dr MG Haward
HSD411 Labour-Management Relations
Dr HR Hall, Mr S Fry
HSD412 Environmental Politics and Policy
Dr MG Haward, Dr K Crowley
HSD413 Special Reading Program
HSD414 Economic Policy
Dr S Bell
HSD415 Women and Public Policy
Dr J Homeshaw (may not be offered in 1996).

Special notes for details of the individual honours units, contact the Department of Political Science. 
teaching staff (Coordinator) Dr S Bell
campus & mode Hbt, int
unit weight [HSD400: 100%/HSD401: 50%]
teaching pattern Students with a distinction average in units to at least the value of 50% of the Administration major (i.e. at the 200 and 300 levels) are eligible for admission to Honours. Administration majors who do not meet these standards but who do meet the Faculty minimum (specified in the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences information section) may be admitted with the approval of the Head of Department of Political Science.
mutual exclusions
method of assessment
required texts, etc
recommended reading

Course: Bachelor of Arts (R3A)

Staff of the Department of Political Science
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