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Other Science - Department of Physical Sciences at Launceston

KJO102 Science, Industry and Society

Introduces students to the nature of science and, in particular, the role that science has in an industrial society. The unit examines the tension between science and society, demonstrating this by presenting a number of current research themes. Guest lecturers assist in presenting the unit.

Special Notes this is a compulsory unit for all BAppSc students

teaching staff (Coordinator) Mr D Hannan
campus & mode Ltn, int
unit weight [0.1%]
teaching pattern sem 2 - one 1-hour lecture a week (14 weeks)
corequisites concurrent enrolment in at least 2 (for full-time students) or 1 (for part-time students) of the major strands, i.e. Chemistry, Computing, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Geography
mutual exclusions
method of assessment written report - resulting in ungraded pass/fail award only.
required texts, etc
recommended reading
Course: Bachelor of Applied Science (Aquaculture) (S3C)
Bachelor of Applied Science (Sports Science) (S3C)

Staff of the Department of Physical Sciences
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