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Female leadership celebrated at SHS research retreat

Highlighting and celebrating female leadership across the University was the focus during this year’s School of Health Sciences’ Research Retreat.

This year’s retreat was especially important as the two-day forum provided a welcome opportunity for the schools’ staff and PhD students to meet in person.

“This year, one of the aims was to highlight and celebrate female leadership within the University, with a number of guest speakers invited including Professor Tracey Dickson (CoHM Associate Dean Research), Professor Anna King (Wicking Dementia and Research Education Centre), Elaine Stratford (College of Sciences and Engineering), Lisa Eckstein (Faculty of Law) and Professor Elizabeth Leane (Associate Dean Research CALE),” retreat convenor and senior lecturer Dr Darren Henstridge said.

“Given the COVID pandemic, it is also a valuable opportunity for our staff and HDR students to present and discuss their research as at the moment they are limited in their ability to do so in the usual scientific conference setting.”

The School of Health Sciences hosts an annual retreat to provide an opportunity for staff and students in Health Sciences across the University to learn more about colleagues’ research and expertise and strengthen existing collaborations while fostering new research ideas.

Published on: 29 Jun 2021 11:30am